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  • Spacious
  • Adjustment of the bassinet position (appreciated by mothers whose children have reflux)
  • When you buy a 3-in-one set, it includes everything you need (aprons, bag, rain cover, mesh)
  • Large basket with a carrying capacity of up to 5 kg
  • Heavy
  • Takes up a lot of space in the car
  • The front wheels are not too nimble, sometimes they go into an S-shape

At first I cursed it because it was hard to handle and the wheel was happing. Then I grew so fond of it that I didn't want to replace it.

  • Suspension chassis
  • Large inflatable wheels also suitable for winter
  • Light bassinet
  • Large bassinet
  • Car seat is great
  • Difficult access to wheel inflation
  • Not a smooth working brake

We use the stroller as the main pram. I appreciated the sprung chassis, big wheels, which are bad to inflate though, spacious and light bassinet, and the car seat is great. The bassinet is big and it fits a 3 year old child just fine...

It is easy to control, but the brake is a bit haphazard - sometimes the stroller needs to be moved after braking to get the wheels in the right position, and it is also harder to get it unbraking afterwards... Folding is very easy. We are very satisfied with the stroller.

The stroller fulfilled its purpose, but it is very heavy to carry. Otherwise I am satisfied.

  • Newborn pad
  • Easy and quick to fold
  • Lightweight
  • Tackles any terrain
  • Lots of performance for little money - we got it second hand and it's perfect, still functional, no damage whatsoever - it is indestructible
  • A bit harder to unbrake

There is nothing to fault the pram with. Super driveability, large inflatable wheels, we have crossed every kind of terrain with it - even fields, gravel...

Big bassinet, you can position the backrest on it by twisting the lever so it adjusts - and it doesn't just have 3 positions.

The pushchair is spacious, it can be put completely lying down.

The car seat also bigger, has a newborn insert so baby is comfortable in it from birth. Ours still fit in it as a one year old.

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