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Gorgeous, incredibly stylish


It looks gorgeous and incredibly stylish. I love the huge basket and the seat canopy. It is, however, usable only as an urban pram - it is not sturdy on harsh terrain, as the chassis seems too wobbly there. Maybe some reinforcement and air-filled tires would help there...

  • design
  • fabrics
  • basket
  • easy fold
  • adjustable backrest of the bassinet
  • lower, nice for short parents
  • nice bassinet and seat size
  • apron
  • give of the chassis
  • rear axle is in the way (and with kicking it, you make it more dirtier)
  • L-shaped seat unit
  • price

I wish for an extension on the bassinet hood. Also it could be a bit bigger (wider) - but I'm guessing it is because of the warmer weather in Italy. The bassinet's backrest inclines, which positively surprised me. What I don't like as much is the shaped seat unit, which, therefore, doesn't lie flat. But my DD doesn't mind, so I assume that's alright.

I am short, so the height of it is perfect for me, but I would think twice if I or my hubby were tall. The chassis has some give, however; but it was like that from the beginning. The basket is great, but it's a bit in the way of your feet (probably worse if you're tall). Fold is super simple, but could be more compact. All in all. more stylish than practical, but a nice fashion accessory for an urban/suburban mom.

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