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  • Comfortable seat
  • Lay flat
  • Upright
  • Removable foot muff included
  • Great canopy
  • Quiet, magnetic peekaboo window with air vent
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Narrow, good for European city living
  • Decent suspension on wheels, so they work well on bumpy tiles (not cobblestone level bumpiness, though)
  • Decent size storage basket
  • Stylish
  • Handlebar doesn't adjust
  • No built in wrist band
  • Narrower wheels on end closer to the pusher, means you can hit them when walking if you're tall
  • Unstable on very slanted sidewalks

I love this stroller overall, but it's not without a few caveats. It's a super stylish stroller that is lightweight and easy to maneuver around my city. It is easy for me to fold it up, and it folds pretty compactly. I needed a stroller that would fit into narrow Barcelona doors/spaces better than my previous stroller. This one does the trick but I wouldn't go any wider than it. It fits through most subway entrances, as well, without having to go in the accessible entrance.

Of the compact stroller category, very few have seats that face forwards and backward, but this one does. My 8.5 month baby is still facing me and he loves it. We got it when he was 5.5 months old.

The seat lays all the way back as well as sits upright, and it has an easy one handed release. The comfortable seat is the best thing about this stroller. That and the canopy. The canopy has full coverage and is wonderful for naps. The silent magnetic peekaboo window is also great, and there is an air vent when you put it up. And they've included a removeable foot muff, which keeps him quite warm.

The wheels are very good for these bumpy tiled Barcelona sidewalks. They are quiet. I hear people with the Yoyo coming a mile away because of the noise those wheels make on the sidewalks here.

The storage underneath has a nice supported base and a decent size, but it's too open. I usually cover it up with a cloth. I want to get a net like those that go over bicycle baskets, but I just haven't done it yet.

It comes with a nicely fitted rain cover that has air vents as well.

Now the negatives:

The handlebar doesn't extend.

The wheels are narrower on the end closest to the person pushing, and wider on the far end. This is an issue because if you are tall with big feet, like my husband (183cm and EU 45 shoes), you keep hitting the wheels when walking. He's even occasionally accidentally hit the brake. Even I occasionally hit the wheels at 170.2cm, only while going down steep hills. I have noticed this narrower wheel in the front thing is common on small strollers, like the Babyzen Yoyo, and Joolz Aer, among others. Maybe it's necessary for the compact fold? I don't know, but it's the worst thing about this stroller. Now all over the streets I see dads walking to the side of their compact strollers. My husband's says this Vivace stroller was, "made for moms" because of this, and I agree.

Due to the wheel placement, when I'm on a very slanted sidewalk, I do feel like the stroller isn't super stable, and could fall over, if I didn't use more strength to keep it down. Not a big deal, unless you only have one hand. Again, maybe this is a compact stroller issue.

There was no wrist band but I bought a third-party one, and it's just fine.

When you fold it up, the footrest kind of sticks out. Not a big deal.

I found no stroller to be perfect, and I had narrowed it down to this stroller and the Cybex Mios3. This one was cheaper and I'm super happy with it. I especially love the canopy. My criteria were:

- Narrow
- seat flips front or back facing
- lays back flat
- sits upright
- decent height seat back as to not outgrow super quickly
- safety bar
- decent suspension in wheels
- full coverage canopy, even when lying down
- quiet peekaboo window
- decent size storage underneath
- comfortable to maneuver
- easy to fold
- lightweight and easy to handle for me alone

I found this stroller accomplished all that. I am very happy with it and would purchase again.

  • Looks
  • Weight
  • Apron included
  • Price
  • No handle positioning
  • Weak basket, too open
  • Suspension could be better

Not the best for any kind of terrain. Apart from that, really pretty looking and not heavy at all. The carrycot is especially comfy.

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