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All user reviews of Peg-Pérego Veloce

3 parent reviews

Very pleasing to the eye

  • A beauty
  • New and not everywhere
  • Basket
  • Hood size
  • Not too sturdy
  • Not too alterrain
  • Not for tall husbands

Very pleasing to the eye. And the push is great. My hubby, though, says it's too low for him. A shame the handle bar doesn't telescope out.

A luxury stroller almost

  • easy steering
  • rotating push bar
  • quality textiles
  • ample storage
  • bulky fold (for a lightweight pram)
  • short leg rest
  • not for terrain
  • suspension is not too soft

I love the design and the overall feel, it is a luxury stroller almost. I am also loving the huge basket underneath and the handle adjustment makes the going up a curb quite comfy.

A problem, for my small car boot at least, is a rather bulky folded package, and I'd also appreciate a longer leg rest. And the fold, yeah, it can be done one handedly, but not really - I always use both of my hands.

Love the low weigth and the quality textiles. Also a nice seat surface. I would put the (large, btw) canopy higher, to make space for a taller toddler. Also, I expected more from the suspension, it's rather tough, to be honest.

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