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Great to handle


Lightweight, foldable, great to handle. Very nicely colour-coordinated, good quality fabric, does not fade. I had a Pierre Cardin before, but it was like a tank compared to Sí :-D - huge and heavy.

Lightweight, incredibly compact

  • Very large canopy
  • Storage
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • Design
  • Lightweight
  • Large basket
  • Height-adjustable handles
  • Goes to full recline
  • All fabric is removable
  • Less manoeuvrability with one hand (as with all non-single handles)

Beautiful umbrella stroller - lightweight, incredibly compact!

Handles adjustable in height. All fabric parts can be removed when you want to wash them. Baby belly bar also adjustable and detachable.

Leg rest has 2 positions, backrest goes to full recline. The very long canopy covers almost the whole seat when open.

With a larger load in the basket, the rear wheels go a little to the A shape. The basket is spacious, with an anti-reflective strip.

The buggy folds easily like an umbrella. It is very compact when folded, stands up by itself and has an extra carry handle. It is great overall! It was just sometimes harder to steer with one hand because of the disconnected handle.

It had all we needed from it

  • compact
  • large enough
  • seat back and leg rest adjustment
  • large canopy with a pocket
  • child's belly bar
  • adjustable handles

It had all we needed from it – a large canopy, an easy recline system up to a lie flat, an easy fold, and a spacious basket. It survived everything - plane travels, holidays, trips, usual walks around town...

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