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Happy with it

  • I was able to walk to the checkout in the shops or to the elevator without any problems.
  • Canopy quite unstable

I was happy with it, it was compact.

  • fits everywhere, in the shop in all doors
  • great to operate
  • heavy
  • long for public transport
  • unsuitable for bad terrain

I bought it as my first stroller. I replaced the bassinets with soft insert cots for the seats. It handled great and I was able to ride on any state of a sidewalk. It's just that it's not suitable for the city as much because of its weight...

Comfortable for me and my children

  • The steering wheel - makes it so easy to drive
  • Seat units - can world- and parent-face
  • Large wheels - can go over anything
  • Width - fits any doorway
  • A bit long for an apartment building, but one can manage 😉

A perfect, nice to steer pram. Comfortable for me and my children.

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