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I felt sorry for my son

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • faces both forward and rearward
  • large shopping basket
  • looks beautiful
  • not comfortable for my child, too small

It is an urban stroller, or better yet a shopping stroller. For the mall it's a blast - narrow, goes everywhere, one-handed operation. Looks nice. Huge basket with 5 kg capacity is great too. Peg Perego also has built-in bag handles meaning no hooks for the dryer, which is great... but a big disappointment for me when I put my 9 month old son in the pushchair in his overalls and footmuff and found he was squashed in like a sardine. I also had to strap him in somehow, because otherwise he was slipping down with the footmuff... I can't imagine having him in there till he's 2, let alone 3. I only had it for a little while, it was great for me as a parent (although I like to go into the woods and it wouldn't work with this), but I felt sorry for my son :-)

I never used anything worse


Terrible - I never used anything worse. I worked my ass off pushing it; I didn't even go to the gym. No suspension - 10kg stroller + 4 kg baby, just terrible.

It feels wobbly and rattles

  • large carrycot
  • easy folding
  • easy maneuverability
  • wheels
  • chassis

This stroller is not suitable for everyday walking - you can feel every little hole or pebble. It feels so wobbly and rattles.

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