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  • Deep bassinet
  • Adjustable bassinet
  • Easy folding
  • Design
  • Wheels
  • The frame gets loose, wobbly
  • Insect net

I'm quite satisfied, I bought it recently. The overall impression is good. I appreciate the reclining bassinet and the fact that it is deep. No problem with folding. The only negative thing it has is that it really gets loose...

For me, only the seat is usable

  • large basket
  • good storage
  • one of the lighter ones
  • the seat can be clicked on in both directions
  • design
  • handling on a flat road
  • no suspension
  • quick to get loose
  • small bassinet
  • front wheels rattle
  • suitable for really short people - I stumble over it
  • handling in moderate terrain - I haven't even tried a worse one

I inherited this stroller, so I'm glad I have something more compact - but I wouldn't have bought it myself. The stroller is not cushioned, which is not good for the baby. It handles very well on a straight road, but all it takes is a crack in the pavement and you have a problem. I was also bothered by the fairly low handle, and I used to trip over the stroller (I am average height - 172 cm - so the stroller is probably for really short moms).

I like the overall workmanship, the materials used and the large basket. But the stroller is quite rickety and the front wheels rattle. We didn't use the bassinet because it's really small for us (we got the stroller when my son was 3 months old and it was already tight) - and most of all, I would be afraid to shake the baby that much! It has the advantage that the canopy is super nicely shading.

For me, though, only the seat is usable. The seat is passable, but to be a full-fledged pushchair, the seat would have to be on a different chassis... The stroller is pretty good as a buggy for shopping, for shorter routes and for groomed pavements (if there are such somewhere in our country :-D :-D :-D), it folds great in the car, but I definitely think it's better to have a good pushchair and a buggy to than to buy this one.

I felt sorry for my son

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • faces both forward and rearward
  • large shopping basket
  • looks beautiful
  • not comfortable for my child, too small

It is an urban stroller, or better yet a shopping stroller. For the mall it's a blast - narrow, goes everywhere, one-handed operation. Looks nice. Huge basket with 5 kg capacity is great too. Peg Perego also has built-in bag handles meaning no hooks for the dryer, which is great... but a big disappointment for me when I put my 9 month old son in the pushchair in his overalls and footmuff and found he was squashed in like a sardine. I also had to strap him in somehow, because otherwise he was slipping down with the footmuff... I can't imagine having him in there till he's 2, let alone 3. I only had it for a little while, it was great for me as a parent (although I like to go into the woods and it wouldn't work with this), but I felt sorry for my son :-)

  • Easy chassis folding
  • Large carrycot, well insulated
  • Fine car seat with newborn insert
  • Large shopping basket
  • Easy to handle
  • The chassis structure is loose, creaks
  • Wheels are plastic, noisy e.g. on stones in winter
  • The front wheel locking is jammed
  • I am 170 cm and would accept a taller handlebar
  • Kicking the rear wheel's axle
  • Overall, I do not recommend because of the chassis design

Disappointing for me. It would have been even bigger if I bought it new, but I got it pre-owned, so it wasn't disappointed as much. We have a winter bub and to walk with this pram on little stones is a horror. It's not cushioned at all, the wheels are hard and I feel like we can feel everything when we're walking. Little one doesn't mind it so far, thank God.

The chassis is loosened up and I don't think it's because it has been used before us. As I read other reviews, it will loosen out relatively soon - even a new pram. The car seat and the larger carrycot are ok, we will judge the seat unit in spring, summer. I wouldn't buy it again, knowing about the rattling and the wheels - we didn't notice these shortcomings when we bought it, we tried it on a flat, tidy surface.

I never used anything worse


Terrible - I never used anything worse. I worked my ass off pushing it; I didn't even go to the gym. No suspension - 10kg stroller + 4 kg baby, just terrible.

It feels wobbly and rattles

  • large carrycot
  • easy folding
  • easy maneuverability
  • wheels
  • chassis

This stroller is not suitable for everyday walking - you can feel every little hole or pebble. It feels so wobbly and rattles.

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