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  • Perfect manoeuvrability like a three-wheeler, possible wheel lock like a quad bike. One finger control
  • Compactness - fits everywhere when folded, in a regular station wagon without folding
  • Material - aluminium chassis, lightweight. The fabric is neoprene, easy to clean, the seat can be completely stripped and washed in the washing machine. Cannot be done on the bassinet, the canopy is riveted but the rest can also be completely stripped and washed
  • Hand brake - you don't upset a sleeping baby by pressing the pedal
  • Variability - bassinet and seat can be put on other Patron chassis, can be used for twins, siblings, easy to adapt and combine
  • Car seat can be put on using adapters, it's completely removable and machine washable, light in the hand
  • Wheel design
  • Easy to use - one-handed positioning of the stroller, insertion of a wedge under the butt to level for small children. For the bassinet, the hood holds in three positions. Canopy has a detachable zippered piece with a net underneath - ventilation for summer
  • A lot of accessories - parasol, holders, etc.
  • Large bassinet
  • The bassinet has a thin mattress, can be raised at the feet to reduce the length of the reclining position and a storage bag can be inserted, accessible from the top of the umbrella through the zip
  • Can handle terrain, forest, snow
  • Heavier handle bag tips the stroller
  • Basket under the stroller is not the largest
  • Squeaks after a few years, but I guess every stroller does
  • Smaller seat unit - a two year old gets squished a lot in the winter with a winter footmuff and winter clothes

I got it second hand and it is serving my second child. I wouldn't change and the next one would be Patron again.

  • Design/Look
  • Suspension
  • Materials
  • Brakes
  • Not enough storage space

I do not recommend it, as it does not meet basic standards. Minimal storage space, the brake broke down first, after 1.5 years it folded itself out of nowhere when crossing the curb. Wherever possible, the manufacturer used plastic material. The design is very nice, but that's about it.

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