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Quite sturdy, comfortable

  • Sturdy
  • Good quality material
  • Comes with legcover and raincover
  • Easy to close
  • Heavy
  • Buckles on the seat tend to twist and turn which means a few more precious seconds when installing baby in the seat
  • Back cushion tends to go down when putting baby in the seat (like it does not stick well to the mesh behind)

I have been using the Nuna Mixx Next for 2 years - first 6 months with the carry-cot. Very easy to switch from the carry-cot to the regular seat. Seat can go both ways (but you would need to put front facing to close the buggy). Closing it is super easy (compared to other strollers which makes you think you are really dumb to not understand how to close them in the store...). Quite sturdy, comfortable, can easily have the seat in a different angle (good for a child who likes to see quite straight), huge basket. Quite heavy and takes up a lot of boot space in the car.

It's a good all rounder

  • Good suspension
  • Seat can be layed flat
  • Huge basket
  • Beautiful design
  • Small enough when folded
  • Fabric is waterproof even in extreme pouring rain (tested;)) so no cover really needed
  • Could be lighter
  • Suspension is good but not enough for extreme terrain with a small baby
  • Sometimes hard to unfold

It's a really good stroller. I absolutely love the design, there aren't many other strollers available on the market that look this good. Besides that it's a good all rounder, good suspension, small enough when folded, you can lay it flat so suitable for small babies too, it's easy to use, the basket is huuugee.

  • Suspension
  • Ventilation
  • Comfort
  • None

A perfect stroller system with a very nice suspension system. My DD loves it and feels comfy in it. We like it a lot, mainly the 'air-conditioning', as I call it ;-) - the child doesn't get all sweaty on hot summer days. I recommend it as it has a very nice price-performance ratio. It is very well designed, with smart details - and I don't even know what I would make better on it.

  • almost lay-flat seat unit
  • seat is high up on the chassis
  • summer ventilation - seat AND the canopy
  • comfy padding, fully washable seat fabrics
  • good push (we live in the city)
  • bassinet and car seat option
  • dream drapes on all parts
  • heavy-ish
  • not the greatest for heavy terrain (it gets a bit noisy)
  • short leg rest
  • the fold is easy to do, but the protruding wheels make it bulky - best when you take off the wheels if your car boot is not large

The all-season seat with mesh for the summer is a genius invention. We use it so much when it's warm outside. The padding around it is nice and comfy; my daughter feels very cozy in the stroller. I also love the nice push, even though it's not the best on heavier terrain. The harness without retreading is simple to operate, but I had to buy a new footmuff (my old didn't work with this).

  • Comfort of use
  • Newborn-friendliness
  • Design
  • Wheels
  • Price
  • Fold with the wheels out

I was deciding between the Vista and the Mixx Next, and I am not sorry for how I chose. It has its downsides, but the overall performance feels comfy, and my baby is happy in it, which is the most important. I only recommend going for the hard carrycot, the newborn leg-rest-up configuration of the seat looks a bit weird to me, and it's not a 100% lay flat. I will need a compact stroller to add to it in a few months, however - to make myself our car trips easier.

Great right from the start


I love it. So good to push! Great right from the start.

I think I expected more


I think I expected more. Quieter wheels, more spacious seat, less bulky fold... for that really high price. It's a nice pram, but not for the whole pushchair period (you will need something more spacious for a toddler), and that is not balanced with the price.

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