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The best stroller. Great handling and folding, gorgeous design. Lightweight bassinet, huge canopy on the seat section. Fully reclining seat - no bucket shape so baby sleeps fully and can turn sideways. What's great, most of the covers are washable.

Perfect for a spring-summer newborn

  • Perfect for travelling and walking on flat terrain
  • Lack of suspension
  • Front and rear wheels too close together
  • Handle cannot be bent for pushing stroller by younger siblings

A great stroller for short and slim mums. Great for car travel, beautifully compact and lightweight. Perfect for a spring-summer newborn. Definitely not for country roads.

It does have trouble on two steps. With most strollers, you can go without problems on the rear axle after just one lift of the front wheels and carry the stroller down like that, this stroller can't do it (ita wheels are too close). In the old town on cobblestones you'll shake the soul out of the baby 😅

Lightweight, but sturdy


A great stroller. Lightweight, but sturdy. I have nothing to complain about.

  • Large basket
  • Quality textiles
  • Unnecessarily bulky and heavy
  • Foam wheels
  • I wish for a height-adjustable bumper bar (bad angle when the child is in the lying position)
  • Price

You can find a better pram for that money 🙈 I find it unnecessarily bulky and heavy.

The textiles are high-quality. One-handed manipulation is terrible. Just a small hole or bump in the road, and my kid is almost being spilled out of the pushchair. The bumper bar changes position when you recline the seat, and after that, it's terrible as well. My son couldn't even turn while sleeping - because of it. You can certainly find a better one for that price.

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