Mothercare 4-wheel Journey
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Mothercare 4-wheel Journey

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Mothercare 4-wheel Journey Features & Specifications

The Basics

3in1 stroller system
Stroller weight
11.8 kg
Unfolded dimensions (h×w×l)
109 cm x 58 cm x 100 cm
Folded dimensions (h×w×l)
95 cm x 66 cm x 58 cm
Chassis material
Country of origin
Only available as a stroller system

The Seat unit

Maximum weight capacity - seat load
15 kg
Recommended age range (best to use with a child of)
0-24 months
Reversible seat unit
Easy-release memory button(s) on the seat or the carrycot
L-shaped, bucket-type seat unit
Reclining backrest
Yes, 3 positions
Full-recline backrest (a bigger-than-a-150-degree-angle to a lie-flat)
Backrest recline type
Rear-located recline mechanism (e.g., lever-operated), Strap-operated
One-hand backrest recline system
Extendable backrest
Legrest positioning
Yes, 2 positions
Extendable leg rest
Wipe-clean layer on the leg rest
A higher seat unit's position on the chassis
Height-adjustable seat
Seat unit's proper attachment indicator
2in1 convertible carrycot/seat unit (pramette travel system)
Fabrics removable for cleaning
Seat fabrics cleaning
Wipe-clean only
Safety harness type
Harness padding
Height-adjustable harness belts
Ventilation integrated into the seat
Second seat can be attached (single-to-double convertibility)

The Canopy (Hood)

Seat unit equipped with a canopy/hood
Extendable canopy/hood
The canopy/hood features a sun visor
Floating, follow-the-sun canopy
Height-adjustable canopy
Removable canopy
Waterproof canopy
UV protection in the (canopy) fabrics
Ventilation integrated into the canopy
A pocket integrated into the canopy
Peek-a-boo viewing window present on the canopy
Peek-a-boo window can be closed/covered
Quiet (magnetic/no velcro) peek-a-boo window
Reinforcing side clasps present on the canopy

The Bumper bar

Bumper bar
Bumper bar type (style)
Removable bumper bar
Gate-opening (swing-away) bumper bar
Height-adjustable bumper bar
Bumper bar features a fabric (non-wipe-clean) cover
Bumper bar features an extra crotch strap

The Wheels

Number of wheels
Front wheel(s) type
EVA foam-coated wheels
Rear wheels type
EVA foam-coated wheels
Swivel wheels
Lockable wheels
Removable wheels
All wheels are double wheels
All-terrain version of wheels available to purchase separately
Wheels equipped with mudguards
Two-wheel mode

The Suspension

Wheels with suspension
Suspension type
Open springs
Adjustable suspension softness
Rocking chassis

The Brake

Central brake system/type
One-step rocker pedal (flip-flop friendly)
Deceleration handbrake

The Fold

Folding system
Flat (compact) fold
One-hand fold
Plane-travel-friendly stroller with an ultra-compact fold (suitable as carry-on luggage)
Folds with the (forward-facing) seat attached
Folds with the rearward-facing seat attached
Self-standing fold
Auto-lock feature of the folded chassis
Folded stroller can be pulled behind like luggage
Stroller folds and/or unfolds by itself
Equipped with a carry strap/carry handle

The Handlebar

Handle height adjustment
Handlebar material
Reversible handlebar (handle can be flipped to the other side)
Safety wrist strap

The Basket

Shopping basket
Large shopping basket
Basket's weight capacity
2 kg
Closable basket
An extra basket can be attached to the frame
A pocket integrated into the seat/elsewhere on the stroller frame

The Carrycot

Carrycot compatible
Yes (without adapters)
Carry handle on the carrycot
Inclining carrycot mattress
Foldable carrycot
Rocking-base carrycot
Ventilatilated carrycot base (bottom ventilation system)
Carrycot installable in the car instead of a group 0+ car seat (Auto carrycot)
Carrycot positioned high on the frame

The Car seat

Car seat compatible
Yes (with adapters)
Car seat sold separately
Maxi-Cosi/Cybex car seat attachment-type adapters available
Britax Römer car seat attachment-type adapters available

The Accessories & Extra features

Parent tray/organizer on the handlebar (included)
Cup holder can be attached
Reflective elements
No pushchair mode/seat-unit configuration available
Rain cover included
Mosquito net included
Leg cover (apron) included with the seat unit
Seat liner/insert included
Changing bag included
Carry bag/transport cover for the folded stroller included
LED light(s)
Built-in audio speakers
A storage/bag can be attached instead of a seat

Parent reviews of the Mothercare 4-wheel Journey

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Pushes nicely


Pushes nicely. Bit bulky when folded - has anyone taken it on a plane? I am due to fly on holiday and don't like the holiday pushchair we just bought I want to take this Mothercare Journey pram but not sure if it's too heavy or bulky to fit in the cabin.

  • Great price
  • Adjustable handle
  • Wheels that can't puncture
  • Lovely included cosy toe
  • Front wheels get stuck in small ruts/uneven paving (a lot, where we live)
  • Brake can't be applied with buggyboard attached
  • No fastening for rain cover in car seat mode
  • Basket inaccessible in bassinet mode

I bought this travel system whilst pregnant last summer. I wanted solid wheels, having had many a puncture in the past, with previous, tyred pushchairs. I specifically wanted a bassinet, not having had one before with my previous babies. However, my baby is long, so has almost outgrown the bassinet in three months!

We haven't used the car seat much, but have used the bassinet almost daily. I like the adjustable handle, but find it doesn't feel as sturdy as other pushchairs I've had (a lot, over the past twenty years!). I like the basket size but can't access it with the bassinet in situ. Our change bag is backpack style, so has to lie on its back under the bassinet - not great for preventing milk spillage!

Overall, I'm happy with the Journey so far, and the price was great. I like the included footmuff and raincover, although there's nothing to hold it in place when using with the car seat. A clothes peg or two were my solution to that problem!

  • looks good
  • works OK
  • usable from birth
  • price was nice
  • the wheels rattle

The wheels are rather noisy. Other than that, I am happy with it.

Turning feels very hard

  • look
  • 2in1 solution with a travel system option
  • adjustable handle
  • frame scratches easily
  • driving& turning is hard
  • heavy weight
  • fiddly buckle

To me, turning feels very hard. The overall push is kind of cumbersome. Maybe it's because I am short, or maybe it just doesn't fit me, idk. But I feel like working out when pushing it. I can't wait for the time when we swap for a buggy.

It has done it's job

  • comfortable
  • sturdy
  • adjustable handle
  • a bit bulky
  • two-piece fold

A great pram, really! It has done it's job, even though there were a few things I would change about it.

  • The design
  • The steering
  • The room
  • The basket size
  • The weight
  • The folded size
  • The car seat is not comfortable

It's quite large, but that also means room. I like the style and the affordable price. I am also happy about the steering qualities.

A large pram, but it feels durable

  • Price
  • Performance
  • Large size

We love it. It's a large pram, but it feels durable.

Great value for money


A great value for money for those savvy moms. Sturdily bult, and nice-looking. Just the fold is a bit difficult, and yes, it is not the smallest pram.

  • carrycot space
  • practical features
  • price
  • two hand fold
  • not much suspension
  • bulky fold
  • foam handle
  • handle adjustment is not very smooth, like something is wrong inside
  • fabrics are not machine washable

I liked the sturdy chassis and a flip-flop friendly brake 👏 The ride is a bit stiff, however, and the fold is quite bulky, so that is good to know beforehand. The 2in1 pram/pushchair system is practical, even if maybe not the most long-lasting.

Your questions about the Mothercare 4-wheel Journey


Can you use the Mothercare Journey bassinet tilted at an angle? My baby has reflux, so needs to be at a slight angle where possible, to prevent multi-puking. I know the bassinet can be angled forward with the handle behind the hood, but should it be used like this? Or is that just for seat mode?

Heya, Mrs. T.,

You kind of can, yes. If you clip the part where the baby's head is, on the lower part (in the way you would be converting it to a seat unit but you only do tht one part and leave the rest bassinet-like) of it I mean, you will have it slightly tilted. If you, however, mean whether you could tilt the whole bassinet, no, the baby will be sliding down all the time. So definitely only tilt that one part with the strap.

When your reflux baby will be at least 3-4 months old and still have those problems, you can also transform the bassinet to the seat and use that in the most reclined position to help with the reflux, too.

.eli - 04 Mar 2023

We have changed the Journey into the push chair mode but are unsure if we have done something wrong. It seems as if the seat cover inside is too small as it keeps slipping down and their doesn't seem to be anything to attach it to. We couldn't find our instructions and all the videos we saw online didn't show actually attaching the harness straps to the base so we are unsure if we have done so correctly because we seem to have two little buckles inside that are not used. Thank you.

Hey, Lou,

If the seat cover inside slips down, there is definitely something wrong. I personally cannot guess what just so, long distance, however I would personally go to the shop or contact the seller / customer support with pictures, they should help. It also may be a flaw, but I doubt it.

About the plastic uckles, again I can only guess, but if they are on the sides, they might be just for attaching a footmuff more securely. You don't need to use them nor do anything about them.

.eli - 09 Feb 2023

What is the lifespan of the car seat?

Hi, Tim,

It very much depends on two factors - which car seat you mean / you get to complement the stroller system (it can be a Maxi-Cosi Cabrofix, which is one of the largest one on the market, or it could be a cheaper one which often are much smaller), AND it also depends on the child. It is very different from baby to baby, and one, born larger or one that grows quicker will grow out of the car seat considerably sooner.

If we're talking about the Mothercare car seat that is included in some sets, it is a kind of no-name car seat so don't expect much. It is simple, and it will, in general (with an average baby), last you about 6 to 10 months of age in reality. Again, depending on the child, but also the season (it is very different in thicker, e.g. winter clothing), it won't really last you until the 13 kg weight capacity they state (they mostly don't, to be honest).

.eli - 20 Sep 2022

My carrycot seems to be tipping forward when in the flat position, so it isn't all one level at all.


It should be pretty much level; a bit higher in the area of the baby's head is ok, too, but if the head is visibly lower than the feet, you might have some setting wrong, and/or your pram might be faulty. I would definitely take a picture or video, put it up, and sent it to the brand's customer service or better yet, to the seller you bought your stroller at. They should help you with servicing or exchanging your stroller if it's under warranty.

.eli - 11 Sep 2022

Hello Eli, I have bought the Joie I Snug car seat and I am trying to figure out what adapter goes with the MC Journey pram and car seat. Could you please advise.

Many thanks, Kim

Hi, Kim,

You need the "Maxi-Cosi adapters" to attach the Joie i-Snug car seat as well. It looks like this:

So just google 'mothercare journey adapter' or 'mothercare journey maxi-cosi' and you should find it.

.eli - 31 Aug 2022

Put brake pedal wrong way round - inwards instead of outward - how can I rectify this?

Hi there, Brian,

You if you cannot detach the rear frame to put it back around, you should definitely contact the customer service or at least the shop you got your pram at. It is not an easy thing to do, usually, even if "only" sounding like pushing the little metal buttons in and pulling the axle out, "click" it out. Or is it not the axle, just the brake pedal itself? Then pulling just downward or upward should do it in theory, but without seeing what is really going on (me not being a technician), I only suggest making a video of your problem and getting in touch with the service and/or the seller/distributor.

.eli - 01 Jun 2022

How do you remove the back wheels?

Heya, Rae,

I am attaching a picture from the manual I recommend you to consult every time first when something is not clear (and yes, it is rather good to keep it ;-)). You need to push in this small button behind the wheel and pull the wheel out while it is pushed.

.eli - 24 May 2022

Does the pram come with a mattress and a rain cover?

Heya, Susan,

If, by mattress, you mean the mattress in the carrycot - YES, it does come with the whole bassinet insert complete with a mattress.

A rain cover is, however, not included usually - you can check this in our Specifications section (part Accessories & Extra features).

.eli - 17 Jan 2022

The front right wheel is stuck and won’t swivel, is there a way I can fix this?

Hey, Ellie!

There can be a few things causing the front swivel wheels staying stuck. The first would be a simple locking mechanism being activated. Did you check the locking lever, if it isn't on while you not have noticed that? Do play around with the front wheel locking system to be sure it is off (if the other wheel swivels, its lock is released, so check if both locks are in the same position). The wheel locks are the white buttons on top of the front wheels' axle.

Next in line, the inside of the wheel could be dirty or lack grease (lubrication). If there's no such problem as a simply locked wheel, you should try to remove the wheel (the release buttons are the light side buttons on top of the wheel casing) and first remove any dirt (hair, grass, sand...) then lubricating the joint with WD-40 or similar spray.

Lastly, there could be an internal problem, if nothing out of the two things mentioned would work. That would, unfortunately, mean a need for repair (or a replacement), which only the seller/distributor/manufacturer or any of their repair service will be able to provide (after determining the problem). I would try the lock then the [[article:ruyunochi|cleaning and maintenance (more about those in this article)], and if nothing helps, you will simply need to contact the place you bought your pram at.

Good luck!

.eli - 02 Nov 2021


Can I repair the foam handle bar? It has a few little rips on one side and I just wanted to know if I can fix it instead of replacement.


Well, it kind of can be repaired - very similarly as bicycle handles are repaired, with a handlebar tape. It is not the prettiest solution - but it is the most effective one. So you will tear down the foam and tape the handle around with the tape (here's an eBay link for inspiration, but you only need to google 'handlebar tape' or ask in a bike repair shop to find it anywhere)...or only replace it.

My next advice would be a second step in this stroller maintenance/repair effort would be to get a cover, so the repaired - taped handle won't even be visible much. You can either have two pieces custom made by a tailor (it's not too expensive to have made), or get ones from Amazon, eBay or Aliexpress (here's a link to what you should be searching for in terms of stroller handle covers).

The covers you can also put over your damaged handlebar foam, btw 😊

Hope I helped! I tried to help as much as possible, and in return, I want to ask you to leave a short review of your Mothercare Journey here to help other parents making their stroller choices. Thank you, and good luck!

.eli - 24 Aug 2021
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