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  • Easy to steer, a big plus for me, it almost goes by itself :-)
  • Long carrycot
  • You can feel the suspension
  • Handles even moderate terrain, but it shakes on rocky dirt roads
  • Canopy large enough
  • Large shopping basket
  • Right after the first ride we had to grease the wheels because they squeaked right away, but I don't take it as a minus, after that everything worked as it should
  • When manipulating the canopy down and up, the baby is jerked out of his sleep, the whole stroller shakes... the biggest minus of the whole stroller - you can't even hold it with your hand to make it softer
  • By being lighter, it is unstable on uneven terrain, you have to be very careful of that - so that the stroller doesn't tip over

Since I have only had the stroller for 2 months, I will rate the carrycot part of the stroller for now.

The stroller is nicely designed in terms of looks. It is easy to handle, but you have to be careful on uneven terrain because it is unstable and rolls over to the side. But it pushes really easily.

It's not heavy, I can carry it down the stairs by myself (but not from the 7th floor, unless the elevator is not working) 😃

Overall, I rate the stroller, as far as the pram - bassinet is concerned, well. For me, the biggest minus is the canopy, which shakes the whole stroller when it's adjusted.

  • Large hood
  • Lightweight
  • Easy fold with the seat attached
  • Compact, takes just a little space in the trunk
  • Quite a large bassinet
  • The basket is deep enough and closable, no need to carry a mommy bag
  • Fabrics used - it is a bit thicker fabric
  • Center of gravity is not the best for going up kerbs

A very good pram, design-wise and functions-wise. Suitable for the city, but it can go over everyday terrain as well - grass, playground mulch, etc.

  • Carry cot is great size with comfy mattress and good sun protection
  • Easy to manoeuvre in tight spaces
  • Compact fold, even with seat unit
  • Stylish
  • Suspension practically non-existent
  • No flap to cover the mesh on the sun canopy of the seat unit
  • Basket size quite limited, bigger items won't fit

Have been using this stroller for 8 months now and while I was very impressed with the quality of the bassinet, I would definitely not buy this stroller again... It is an extremely bumpy ride due to the very poor suspension. The large wheels make up for this somewhat, but it really is an urban stroller, even though Moon claims it is suitable for all terrains.

  • stylish
  • one-piece fold
  • lightweight
  • pushes beutifully
  • roomy carrycot
  • hood on the carrycot (on the seat only +++ in the sitting position)
  • very little suspension
  • loose carrycot/seat attachment - feels "wobbly"
  • hood on the seat in lie-flat

It is so beautiful. We went to buy the Nuova and bought Style instead - it just was too stylish and stunning in the shop 😉 The push is very very nice. The suspension is not much - there's almost no shock-absorbing. I was told that the shock absorption is also in the looser attachment of the carrycot/seat, so I don't mind it as much - but it is true it bothered me at first.

The hood on the carrycot is awesome. Less so on the seat - I mean, good when it's in the sitting position, but shorter when in the lie-flat position.

The folding - the folded size is reasonably compact, and it is very quick, just you need to push quickly and powerfully. It takes a bit of getting used to. I love that it folds with the seat attached (but only world-facing). This, added to the stylish design, was another winning argument against the Nuova - so much lighter, more compact, and folding in one-piece.

Not for terrain

  • bassinet size
  • good-looking
  • lightweight
  • seat size
  • no suspension/rattly on terrain

It's too hard a ride, not much suspension can be felt. Not for terrain. The seat could also be roomier. On the plus side, the bassinet is very nice, and the pushchair is lightweight.

We have the Rode Gold version for our little boy. It looks beautiful and very luxurious. The bassinet is nice and spacious, cosy for my baby. I also like the seat padding and the in-between leg strap. On usual sidewalks, the Style pushes nice and easily.

What I don't like: the basket could definitely be roomier. The canopy on the seat unit is rather short, and as you push the pram, it kind of moves. Overall, both seat and the carrycot are a bit loose in the attachments, therefore, the stroller feels wobbly. And it is not a stroller for any terrain - there's not much suspension, and, as I already mentioned, the carrycot/seat wobbles too much there.

  • Overall design
  • Low weight
  • Compactness
  • I don't think the quality is high enough to match that high price
  • Unstable
  • Rattles, shakes the baby
  • Not a good winter bassinet
  • Easy-to-scratch frame

I own the Moon Style 2020, using it for some time, and I am sorry I went for this one. First, it is a hard ride, not comfy on bumpy roads; then the canopy makes the whole seat move, which is not great when I want to adjust it when the child is sleeping.

Next, I feel like it's not a quality stroller for that price After a month you can already see wear, mainly on the frame and the folding system. It gets stuck while folding, or when unfolding it, it doesn't click into place - so it can start to fold again, even with the kid.

The carrycot feels small, and while you can open the rear part of the hood to reveal a mesh ventilation panel (which is good), but the fabric part often rolls up by itself even if I don't want it up. It doesn't fit right so there's always air going in even when it's cold, which is impractical in winter.

The positives include low weight and compactness - I can imagine it for city strolls and coffee stops, not for much else, though.

We own it for 6 months, from January. We are absolutely happy with it; my son grows quickly, and he's still ok in his carrycot - it's really long. Also, we love the fact that's it's a pram good even for tall parents since it's high up.

The canopy - it's true, it moves when you push the pram, but my son never woke up because of that. It's not too much of a movement; it just slightly moves because of the vibrations and all. I, however, liked the fact that you can adjust it quickly and easily the first moment the sun starts to shine more, or the wind starts to blow strongly - it's a plus for me.

The wheels are great. Nothing gets into the rubber, and I was actually pushing it a lot over gravel and stones - my son loves the slight shaking and immediately falls asleep in the stroller like that. The wheels felt capable even in terrain conditions - we could manage to go over grass or meadows, of course, nothing special, but I am not taking it for an all-terrain monster like Thule... And the manipulation and pushing are simply flawless. In an apartment building, it's such an advantage to maneuver it one-handed even in those narrow spaces where you need to turn quickly... Both grandmas even noticed how smooth it is to push - as it drives almost by itself.

A great thing is also that underslung basket. It's probably the only one in this category that you can zip-close... It's also high enough (no scratching it on curbs), and it takes in a lot - an umbrella, all the clothes, a bottle... I don't even need a bag on the handlebar, which I am grateful for - I hate how it bumps into your legs when you push like that (a lot of my friends does it like so).

It's our first pram, but we are very happy with it - and we wouldn't choose differently 😊👍

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