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nefertiti_19 says:
"Easy to steer, a big plus for me, it almost goes by itself"
and gives the Moon Style

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  • Easy to steer, a big plus for me, it almost goes by itself :-)
  • Long carrycot
  • You can feel the suspension
  • Handles even moderate terrain, but it shakes on rocky dirt roads
  • Canopy large enough
  • Large shopping basket
  • Right after the first ride we had to grease the wheels because they squeaked right away, but I don't take it as a minus, after that everything worked as it should
  • When manipulating the canopy down and up, the baby is jerked out of his sleep, the whole stroller shakes... the biggest minus of the whole stroller - you can't even hold it with your hand to make it softer
  • By being lighter, it is unstable on uneven terrain, you have to be very careful of that - so that the stroller doesn't tip over

Since I have only had the stroller for 2 months, I will rate the carrycot part of the stroller for now.

The stroller is nicely designed in terms of looks. It is easy to handle, but you have to be careful on uneven terrain because it is unstable and rolls over to the side. But it pushes really easily.

It's not heavy, I can carry it down the stairs by myself (but not from the 7th floor, unless the elevator is not working) 😃

Overall, I rate the stroller, as far as the pram - bassinet is concerned, well. For me, the biggest minus is the canopy, which shakes the whole stroller when it's adjusted.

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