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  • Large basket
  • The biggest con is the hood being faded from the sun - and the best part is that it's not covered by warranty 🤔
  • Another con - every once in a while the wheel would get stuck by itself (meaning it didn't swivel anymore)
  • Poor handling of the stroller when the basket is full
  • On uneven, bumpy pavement, the stroller would rattle

I rate the stroller 50/50.

In the beginning, it was absolutely great, but with time the shortcomings started to show, see Cons. If I had to choose another stroller, I would definitely not look at this brand anymore.

  • nice value for money
  • fits my 3yo
  • large canopy
  • suspensions is almost non-existent
  • hard to get up a curb

Overall well worth the money. I would appreciate more suspension to get up curbs easier.

I am absolutely thrilled to have it

  • Všetko podľa predstáv
  • I found none so far

It's superb. I am absolutely thrilled to have it.

  • price X perfomance
  • heavy

I like almost everything about it. Except the weight... for a "lightweight" buggy, it's too heavy.

The seat is nice and wide, but it also means the overall width of the pram is too much. Not the best for public transport.

  • Functional
  • Affordable
  • Cheaper-looking
  • Wide frame

It is an affordable pushchair, and it feels a bit like one. But the functions work OK and my son is happy in it.

  • very wide, spacious seat
  • adjustable handle
  • large hood
  • rubber wheels
  • wheels are noisy
  • cheaper workmanship
  • handle material
  • canopy extension with a non-coverable mesh

So good looking, and there's not many of these on the street. The seat is great even for an older kid. Just the front wheels rattle on cobblestones... and the finishes feel kind of cheap.

  • very beautiful-looking
  • spacious
  • eco-leather on the handlebar as well as the bumper bar
  • central brake on the handlebar
  • handlebar only has two positions - first was too low for me, second too high
  • small-ish shopping basket
  • front suspension springs are more of a decorative element - the shock-absorbing is happening only in the back part

A beautiful stroller more useful on urban surfaces - you cannot really feel the suspension. Otherwise very spacious, made out of quality materials, and with a large hood. I also appreciate the eco-leather on the handlebar and the bumper bar. At first, you need to get used to the positioning of the central brake that is on the handlebar, but then you realize it's marvelous to have it there.

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