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  • Light
  • Quick to fold
  • The front wheels wobble a lot on uneven asphalt


Light, practical, simple

  • canopy
  • lightness
  • price
  • basket for shopping
  • hardness of the ride - no rocking, suspension
  • thin fabrics

Light, practical, simple stroller. Solid frame, rubber wheels. It is hard a bit, not much suspension. The basket is medium sized and the hood sufficiently covers the whole stroller. The child is facing in the direction of travel. There is no mesh on the roof, through which you can see the child during the ride. The fabric feels very thin.

I am quite satisfied

  • Fast folding
  • Spaciousness
  • Material
  • Wheels
  • Maneuverability
  • Facing in the direction of travel only
  • Mesh on the canopy

I am quite satisfied with the stroller. For me, the main disadvantage is that it doesn't have a bucket seat, as that type suits me better. And the biggest downside is that it can't be turned into rear-facing. The advantage is the large spacious seating.

I'd say suitable from a year as my daughter is still quite lost in it (14m) - but she's smaller than normal children. The downside is also the mesh window which is placed in the wrong place i.e. perpendicular to the top, so the child either gets light from the front or the top, and the parent can't see through it from the back.

It is easy to fold but not fiddly. The wheels are great, the handling is also good. The material is fine in terms of cleaning, since the cover can't be folded and washed.

A lighter stroller for the city

  • Fast fold
  • Hand brake
  • Spacious
  • Front wheels rattle on uneven terrain

So far, I'm satisfied. Bought as a lighter stroller for the city. I wouldn't take it to heavier terrain.

It folds quickly. Easy to access basket even when the stroller is fully reclined. Spacious for the baby. Hand brake is fine for public transport.

I have nothing to complain about, except that this stroller is not very compact. But since we have a different one for travels, this one is very convenient for walking around the neighborhood.

  • Wheels
  • Large canopy
  • Large basket
  • Brake on handle
  • Spacious
  • Weight (it is at least 11 kg)

The Moon Jet - R is, in my opinion, the perfect stroller, which I can only fault for one thing - its weight. I am 45 kg with shoes and it is really heavy for me (I don't have an elevator and even though I only carry it from the first floor, it gives me a hard time).

It will also go over more difficult terrain; the wheels are in excellent condition even after almost a year of use. My daughter was also happy with it, many times she slept in it for at least two hours. Another plus is the huge canopy, thanks to which we didn't have a problem during a walk, even when the wind was blowing. Another interesting feature is the brake on the handle, which I personally can't get enough of :-)

For someone, maybe the disadvantage is that it is not a reversible seater, but my child had no problem with it. She has been in this stroller since she was 6 months old and enjoyed the ride even when she couldn't see me. I would still give one big plus point to the basket - its official carrying capacity is 3 kg, but it can definitely handle more 😉 .

Well cushioned

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Well maneuverable
  • The child slides down in the sitting position

Overall great satisfaction. Lightweight, stowable in a small car. Well cushioned.

  • Hood
  • Spaciousness
  • Maintenance-free rubber wheels
  • Brake on the handle
  • Cover material
  • Suspension is not functional
  • The wheels are clacking
  • Handle has only two positions
  • Poor quality eco-leather covers on the handles
  • Difficult to fold
  • Difficult to get out on kerbs
  • Only suitable for nice smooth asphalt
  • Gets stuck on small kerbs

I've had the pram for a month. In the shop I was blown away by it, from the photos even more and the video even more. According to the description, it has everything a mother could want from a pushchair... BUT!!! I think the front wheel suspension is just for decoration. The rear wheel suspension moves at least a little bit when I push it with all my strength on the frame, but I don't understand how it is supposed to move, as it seems to me that only the plastic moves in the second plastic. The cushioning was a pretty essential condition when choosing the stroller, and so in this respect the stroller is one huge disappointment for me.

Getting up on a curb - you need to learn to gently tie the stroller back, so that when moving sharply the child does not hit his mouth on the handle! It takes practice and some grip of your own... Tiny curbs = the wheels just get stuck and the stroller has to be lifted anyway.

The wheels are not cushioned - and secondly, the front wheels are rattling, clacking around. There's just will and when there are bumps, the wheel knocks on the plastic in which it's inserted.

The leg rest - the child can lift it up, and then it falls down.

The belt on the backrest is hard to use.

The hood is really large - some people may not like the mesh after unzipping. There is no real window.

The parent's arm has only two positions. The lower one is useless in my opinion, I am 164 cm and it is not comfortable for me in that position. I have it still in the base position.

The stroller is folded in such a way that the child's seat is partitioned by the break. Without the pad, the child would probably feel as if the seat part was broken.

The PU leather covers on the handle and on the belly bar are not of good quality. They get frayed.

The moon sign on the handle is immediately scraped off in the boot of the car.

The basket is difficult for me to access.

The safety belt is difficult to operate. The height cannot be adjusted. Looks like it is meant for large toddlers.

Otherwise, the stroller is really spacious, quite nice.

But I wouldn't buy it again.

I was disappointed with it


I bought the stroller based on the information I got about it from the internet. I didn't try it in a brick-and-mortar shop before buying it. I was disappointed with it. The biggest disappointment is the wheels, which do not shock-absorb and rattle.

The handle can only be put in two positions. When it's in the highest one, the stroller is hard to steer - you have to lean on it to lift the front wheels onto the curb. Oh, and one more huge drawback - the cover can't be taken off and washed.

I would definitely not choose this stroller a second time.

The fabrics are good, nice, easy to clean

  • XXL canopy
  • Handle and handle cover
  • Spacious for baby
  • Nice fabrics
  • Swivel and removable belly bar for baby
  • Suspension
  • Two safety catches for folded stroller
  • Raincover included
  • Slip-resistant rubber wheels
  • One-handed push is manageable
  • Brake on the handle is an advantage
  • Sturdy frame
  • Rear suspension is harder
  • Covers on the handles - they get torn in the seams (the handle for the child is not like that, it is metal on it, the handle for the parent without the cover is just foam)
  • In the reclined position, the basket is not easily accessible
  • Harder to fold - you need to adjust the wheels afterwards. It is harder at the beginning, but with time it will loosen up
  • Could be available or included with a footmuff
  • Two handle positions

I complained about the rattling of the wheels and non-functional suspension. It was returned repaired. The wheels no longer click and the suspension is fixed. The rear suspension needs to be lubricated very well with WD-40.

Because of the repaired suspension, the wheels no longer get stuck on small curbs.

Also to the shopping basket - not easily accessible, of course, only when the backrest is in the lie-flat position.

At the same time I forgot to mention the quality of the covers - the fabrics are good, nice, easy to clean even with a damp cloth.

  • Large basket
  • The biggest con is the hood being faded from the sun - and the best part is that it's not covered by warranty 🤔
  • Another con - every once in a while the wheel would get stuck by itself (meaning it didn't swivel anymore)
  • Poor handling of the stroller when the basket is full
  • On uneven, bumpy pavement, the stroller would rattle

I rate the stroller 50/50.

In the beginning, it was absolutely great, but with time the shortcomings started to show, see Cons. If I had to choose another stroller, I would definitely not look at this brand anymore.

  • nice value for money
  • fits my 3yo
  • large canopy
  • suspensions is almost non-existent
  • hard to get up a curb

Overall well worth the money. I would appreciate more suspension to get up curbs easier.

I am absolutely thrilled to have it

  • Všetko podľa predstáv
  • I found none so far

It's superb. I am absolutely thrilled to have it.

  • price X perfomance
  • heavy

I like almost everything about it. Except the weight... for a "lightweight" buggy, it's too heavy.

Love at first sight

  • Rubber wheels - still like new
  • Large canopy
  • Wide frame
  • Positioning of legs, back
  • Material easily maintainable
  • Quite large basket
  • Great brake
  • Design - timeless
  • Doesn't squeak, doesn't rattle
  • Does not tilt backwards when baby sleeps
  • Folds 1-2-3
  • I have to position the front wheels when folding
  • The basket always gets scraped when folding
  • Brake - too bad it's on the handle
  • The sign on the handle got scrubbed off right away
  • It's harder to manoeuvre, but it's not the worst
  • The window on the extended canopy does not have any cover, in the summer it bothered me a lot
  • Only two hand bar positions
  • It does not have an original leg cover

It was love at first sight... It has a few little things I would like to criticize, but for me it's almost perfect. I hope winter will be as great as summer. The material (I have Jet-R Fox Nylon) is great - doesn't fade, easy to clean.

The seat is nice and wide, but it also means the overall width of the pram is too much. Not the best for public transport.

  • Functional
  • Affordable
  • Cheaper-looking
  • Wide frame

It is an affordable pushchair, and it feels a bit like one. But the functions work OK and my son is happy in it.

  • very wide, spacious seat
  • adjustable handle
  • large hood
  • rubber wheels
  • wheels are noisy
  • cheaper workmanship
  • handle material
  • canopy extension with a non-coverable mesh

So good looking, and there's not many of these on the street. The seat is great even for an older kid. Just the front wheels rattle on cobblestones... and the finishes feel kind of cheap.

  • very beautiful-looking
  • spacious
  • eco-leather on the handlebar as well as the bumper bar
  • central brake on the handlebar
  • handlebar only has two positions - first was too low for me, second too high
  • small-ish shopping basket
  • front suspension springs are more of a decorative element - the shock-absorbing is happening only in the back part

A beautiful stroller more useful on urban surfaces - you cannot really feel the suspension. Otherwise very spacious, made out of quality materials, and with a large hood. I also appreciate the eco-leather on the handlebar and the bumper bar. At first, you need to get used to the positioning of the central brake that is on the handlebar, but then you realize it's marvelous to have it there.

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