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So far so good

  • The price
  • Easy to manoeuvre
  • Got to seperate to fold
  • Frame scratches easily

Bought this for my 2nd baby and not gonna lie I was extremely sceptical with the price! I seen it online and couldn’t see any reviews etc so I went around a few shops to see if any had them in stock finally found one and it looked ok for the price so I bought it! My little one is now 4 months old and this is used daily for school runs which is up and down a hill and though a small muddy park and so far so good! Not had any issues at all! With my 1st I spend over 1k on a silver cross and I honestly don’t see a big massive difference with this one which is a fraction of the price.

  • The instruction manual (pages 6 and 7) is not helpful on indicating key recline mechanism for converting from pushchair seat to pram/carrycot mode once unit is licked on via the "attachment plugs". Need to press "seat unit recline handle" button while tipping the hood part of the unit downwards

The instruction manual could be clearer about setting carrycot/pram mode from pushchair seat mode which the "attachment plugs" were set to on unpacking. If your seat arrives in pushchair mode, engage the "plugs" into the fixed chassis "seat unit" holder and THEN press the "Seat unit recline handle" (page 7) as you tip the section with the hood downwards. I have asked the suppliers and manufacturers to make the instructions clearer so that instructions at page 12, figs 19 and 20, make sense, and you are not left trying to swivel immovable hubs for several days like I was!

Faulty brake

  • Footmuff
  • Brake

Used it a couple of to times, we'd use public transport with brake on and it tilted on its side, luckily abated to stop my premature baby being seriously injured. Asked for refund due to faulty break, and refused to issue one.

  • Price point
  • Good package if you don't get a faulty one
  • Poorly made
  • Lack of cushioning
  • Faulty product
  • Unfit for purpose

I bought this because I loved the functionality of it, and it came at a good price, however, it has been used for less than a year and in that time has had two replacement frames as the part that's welded together has not been done properly so the frames made really loud creaky noise and were coming apart.

The screws on the basket came loose and had to keep tightening, and today the mechanism used to lower the seat unit has broken - the wire has snapped so it's now stuck in a seated position which is not ideal when your baby falls asleep!

Car seat has minimal padding and the raincover although does the job doesn't have anyway of securing it to the frame.

Very poor quality

  • cheap
  • occasional use is ok
  • very weak seat unit
  • the frame is very rattly
  • screws coming off the shopping basket

Very poor quality. The seat unit is very weak, me and 2 other friends have the Tourer all had the same fault seat frame snapped near the footrest with 3-4 months. The frame is weak the screws are coming off - waste of money and the repairs take forever.

  • value for money, with all the accessories
  • nice starter pram
  • telescoping handle bar
  • short seat
  • short leg rest
  • feels a bit cheap
  • folds in two pieces
  • thin fabrics, I wouldn't recommend this for a winter baby
  • no machine-washable fabrics
  • basket access

I will use this the first months, but I cannot wait for a more high-quality pushchair. Really nice-looking and the price is really to be appreciated, but I am afraid the quality is simply lacking because of that.

Ok, but the low price can be felt

  • Nice price for a lot of things in the package
  • Bassinet feels spacious
  • One-hand positioning
  • Not for terrain
  • Bulky
  • Unsure about the seat
  • Bad storage access
  • I miss a thicker carrycot mattress, I had to buy an extra one

It's ok, but the low price can be felt.

The pram looks better on paper than IRL


I am still undecided. I like quite a few features, but the pram looks better on paper than IRL. Still a nice value for money, especially from birth.

  • price
  • not a bad design
  • canopy protection
  • adjustable handlebar
  • small seat
  • cheap-ish fabrics
  • no name car seat that is plastic-y
  • no way to get into the basket with the carrycot
  • wheels rattle on bumps

There's quite a lot of good, the first being the low price. I am, however, disappointed by the car seat which doesn't seem to have any ADAC/OAMTC testing and looks like a cheap plastic thing. Another downside for me is the fact that the seat unit feels very small, perhaps because it is framed and the hood is so low, right above the seatback. I will be surprised if this will last longer than 1.5 years of age, comparing with how my firstborn was growing...

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