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Quality not very good

  • lightweight
  • breaks easily
  • quality not very good
  • not robust
  • Maxi Cosi replacement service horrible

Arrived already damaged, you could only pull down the sunscreen with brute force. The handle with which you could adjust the seat settings broke after 3 months. Waited for replacement for ages, and it turned out that the manufacturer couldn't even replace it in the original color.

Some positives, but definitely some negatives.

a) lightweight and readily foldable - once you get the knack. So good for travel - planes and cars.
2) flexibility of turning seat around - and easy to do.
3) reasonable price - got a good discount in Kyiv buying it prior to our forced exit.

a) small wheels on crap pavements (as we have to suffer in Athens) mean lots of jerky stops as the stroller falls into one of the many paving stone holes that we have to suffer here. Larger-wheeled strollers suffer a lot less from that problem.
b) too small - our boy is very tall for his age (coming up to 14 mths), and his head is touching the ceiling of the stroller canopy. I think we will need to replace it shortly, way before the proposed age range is reached.
c) canopy - both of ours (we have two babies) have been essentially flawed. One was more than the other, with the canopy frame way too easily being put out of shape by regular use. We were told we had to use both hands to carefully open and close the canopy - this is frankly a bit ridiculous. Maxi-Cosi replaced the first one without an issue, then the 2nd one started to have the same problem over the next 4 mths - and we are getting that changed.
d) short seat - legs hang over too much, but I notice this is a very common problem with strollers.

Conclusion - for our purpose for air travel and 2 strollers into a car - it was an ok option. If you only have a need for one and no need for air travel - then I would look elsewhere, especially if you are coming from a city with crap pavements where small wheels are a major headache.

We have a Maxi-Cosi high chair which we are very happy with, but this particular stroller does not share that quality.

  • Light and easy to drive on a straight road
  • It is parent and street-facing too
  • It folds quite easily
  • It stands when it is folded
  • Fully upright seat position
  • Fully reclining position
  • It has a small pocket to put some personal stuff on the backrest
  • You can not open the bumper bar when it is parent-facing
  • The footrest is too short, my 6 month old baby's feet were in the air
  • It is very very low, it feels weird like baby is on the ground
  • Very small wheels my front wheel broke in 2 months
  • It is wide, it doesn't fit in small elevators
  • It seems that the seat belt is too small and when my baby gets older it will not fit him
  • The zip of the canopy gets stuck on the small label all the time when I open it
  • It needs some side protection, it is like baby lies on a plain board

I would not recommend this stroller. I bought it for 270 euros and it does not worth the money for all the reasons I mention later. At this price, you can find better ones.

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