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Super easy maneuverable

  • Small Folding regarding big wheels
  • Easy to carry
  • Easy to drive, super maneuverable
  • Great shade!
  • No 90 degree seating position
  • Not openable with one hand because of the lock. But you somehow manage

A super easy maneuverable stroller. Not the smallest folding but the smallest folding with such big wheels. Goes great in most of terrains. The shade is super big it covers the whole baby while seating and sleeping are flowy as it has mesh material in the backside of the stroller. Also has peekaboo window. Would recommend.

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What are the seat reclines in Mast m.4?

Hey, Maja,

The seat reclines with a strap combined with a lever mechanism, so there's an infinite number of positions, pretty much, and the seat goes up to a lie-flat.

.eli - 11 Aug 2023

Hi there :)

I have bought lately the Mast M4 - I am super happy about the size and design - but did you also experience a loud ‚ratratrat‘ sound on the wheels when going out with this stroller? Wondering if mine has a problem or not…

Thanks a lot,

Hi Diana,

The small wheels plus uneven terrain always mean a bit of a rattle. They can clack and rattle by themselves a bit, too, but it if is very very loud there might be looseness in the joints, and I would try asking the seller/distributor/brand's customer service to check if there's no fault in that area.

.eli - 16 Feb 2023

Are fabrics on the Mast M4 machine washable? If so how do you remove them (canopy and basket)?

Thanks :)

HIya, Lilly,

I don't think they are, ultra-compacts are not made that way most of the time. I recommendgoing through my article about cleaning and maintenance of a stroller and try some of the suggestions there, you can clean your stroller well enough without the pain of removing the fabrics nor the possible damage from the washing machine.

.eli - 07 Feb 2023

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