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Unstable and dangerous

  • Light
  • Unstable
  • Faulty
  • Basket not strong for its purpose
  • Weak handle
  • Overall a weak pram

Do not buy this pram! Its unstable and dangerous. I was with my child when the handle broke in two and I could barely avoid a tragedy. When pointed out the faults, I was given option of a repair - why would I want a pram that put my baby in danger? I asked for other options and I was denied help.

  • steering
  • comfy padding
  • gorgeous fabrics
  • long seat surface
  • sturdy frame
  • extendable handlebar
  • hood is short in lie-flat position
  • basket is not the largest
  • smaller wheels

Strikingly unique and fabulously compact. That is why we got it. The seat is padded and, actually, long! So it does fit a 2yo even if it's a reversible pushchair. The canopy is very close to the end of the seat back, though, so I am pretty sure it won't last more than 3 years of age. Another niggle of mine is the canopy when the seat is reclined - it doesn't cover as much then.

The fabrics are truly nice, and the beige is incredibly cool and not seen much on the streets. The wheels are small but agile and maneuverable, the steering I am very happy with.

For city mumz, I absolutely recommend it. Don't expect much terrain or suspension from it, though.

Don't compare it to a large pushchair and you'll be fine. My hubby always rants about how the Uppababy we had with our first was "better". Well, it certainly was more "manly" = terrain capable. And much higher, at least the pram version. The wheels are, of course, incomparable. But since I am doing most of the pushing, and I need to fold and load/unload the pram, I was deciding between the Cybex Mios and the Mamas and Papas Strada.

The Strada was new, which I liked, and also more padded. The leg rest also seemed more toddler-friendly. Both had similar canopy sizes, and I also liked the telescoping of the handle on the Strada more to have more space for walking. The Mios was maybe softer in terms of suspension... but that doesn't really differ as much with these urban pushchairs. I am happy with my choice, even if there are compromises the smaller the pram gets.

  • compact
  • luxurious
  • not boring
  • simple fold
  • a true lie-flat seat
  • feels heavy-ish
  • the hood could be longer
  • not the best for very tall daddies

The Strada is a small pushchair as well as a pram that is lower-positioned, so nothing for super-tall dads. If you don't mind, though, it is also super-compact, suitable even for smaller boots.

I fell in love with the fabric feel immediately, and when deciding between the Bugaboo Bee and the M&P Strada, we went for the Strada eventually. It is small, but the Bee is anyway even lower - the Strada seat is higher than the carrycot anyhow, and you don't use the carrycot as long. And it is so much less "boring", not many have it yet!

Also, the folding of the Strada felt so much easier than the Bees.

The bad about the Strada is that it feels a bit heavy to me. I thought it will be lighter. But maybe it's not the worst thing . it "sits" on the sidewalk better.

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