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Chizzy says:
"We have had to send it back 3 times for repairs"
and gives the Mamas&Papas Strada

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  • Light
  • Small frame
  • Collapsible carrycot
  • Has broken 3 times in a year - twice with brake issues and once the handlebar has broken in two.
  • Too flimsy
  • Brake issues
  • Will not last so is definitely not worth the money

We had a small car at the time so were somewhat limited with what we could buy that would fit in our boot. This made the Strada very appealing with the collapsible carrycot and small frame.

However, we have had to send it back 3 times for repairs. Twice due to issues with the brake and once because the handlebar completely broke apart. Really disappointing when it is only used in town so isn’t exactly off-roading and can’t seem to handle even that. Even the loan chassis we’ve been given from M&P has issues, so I think it’s just a poorly made; flimsy pram in general.

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