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All user reviews of Mamas&Papas Sola 2

7 parent reviews

Good stroller from spring to autumn


Good stroller from spring to autumn. For winter I change it for a more stable one. It is light, good in the car and easy to drive.


  • Compact for the car
  • Superb driving characteristics
  • My daughter was happy in it (finally in one)
  • o canopy extension

Satisfaction with this pushchair.

For me, definitely a no

  • design
  • can handle medium terrain, e.g. in the park
  • small basket
  • short hood
  • cannot be folded with the seat attachment
  • handle adjustment is difficult

The stroller had a friend, whom I often helped by strolling with her child. For me it is heavy, it has a short hood (so the sun shines into the baby's face), a small basket. The biggest disadvantage is that the seat has to be taken off to fold the stroller. For me, definitely a no.

Really great


It's really great!

The best

  • Pretty
  • Compact
  • Ideal for the trunk of a small car
  • Easy to use
  • The bassinet is for a boy up to 5 months max, but the seat unit can be put in the reclining position, so it doesn't matter
  • Only for the city, on the forest road it pushes worse

The best stroller I've had or tried...

Quite happy with it

  • The backrest could be reclined to a full recline
  • Really sufficient basket
  • Very nice design
  • Adjustable handle, so comfortable for taller people
  • First seat that I really liked
  • Small, very small bassinet
  • Canopy short when lying down - this was quite a hindrance for me, e.g. in winter it would blow into it (seat)

I bought it second hand, I had it in pink and I was quite happy with it.

  • compact to put in the car
  • comfortable
  • easy push
  • lightweight (with my 110 lbs ~ 50 kg I have no problem to put it in the boot or carry it a bit over a bigger obstacle, even if the baby is in it)
  • great shopping basket
  • fully removable, washable seat unit
  • suitable for urban use, but we also use it in our garden
  • many optional accessories
  • a bit sturdy (not too soft) wheels - but they don't rattle like with the previous version

A perfected version of the original Sola. I was so satisfied with the first one with my first child that I ordered it again in the second version with my second kid.

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