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All user reviews of Mamas&Papas Mylo

2 parent reviews
  • Lightweight
  • Easy folding
  • Not everyone on the street has one 😊
  • Works even with bigger kids
  • Wheels are harder for the terrain, ideal for the city

I can only recommend it. Great handling, low weight, and what's most practical about it - it can be folded quickly, with one hand. We bought it because we travel a lot, including by plane, and for traveling the seat unit is perfect in my opinion.

  • Modern design
  • For taller toddlers, too
  • Both forward and rearward facing
  • Extended canopies
  • Scratch-free frame
  • Extra spacious cot
  • Heavy, metal chassis
  • Hard to fold one-handedly
  • Bassinet fades quickly
  • Availability/price
  • More difficult handling
  • Hard, rattly even on pavement

Overall rating - 50/50. It's not perfect, but it's one of the better ones that you don't see every step of the way, but it doesn't hit you in the eyes with its colours either. It's impractical in a lot of ways, but it has a lot to offer.

I don't recommend it for frequent folding and unloading from the car - it's too heavy for that. Even the leather hand has become scratched from it.

The handle can be extended, suitable for taller parents.

Design-wise, a very nice pram. But it sits too hard even on the city sidewalk, at every crack or hole it rattles too much. Folding with one hand is not great, because the frame is metal and heavy. But there are no scratches on it at all, it still looks like new.

Otherwise it is very spacious. The positioning of the back and legs is good and easy, offering several positions. Very soft materials on the seat, but prone to fading. The bassinet is huge, spacious, adjustable and rocks on the floor, the best of the whole pram set.

The basket is very spacious, the zippers are harder to operate.

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