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  • Large carrycot
  • Beautiful design
  • Easy handling
  • Spacious seat unit
  • Large wheels
  • Good price
  • Weight of the stroller

I was absolutely satisfied with the look of the stroller and the design. The handling was easy, gentle, and it handled with ease. The only thing that bothered me was the weight - it was quite heavy, but that was just a small drawback.

Good for thrifty moms

  • price
  • great for terrain
  • excellent suspension

A good stroller for thrifty moms.

The bassinet is great

  • Large bassinet
  • Nice look
  • Good price
  • Large storage basket
  • Pretty colourway
  • Hard to unfold
  • The brake gets broken over time
  • Robust pushchair mode

Very nice bassinet, large inflatable wheels. We use it on forest roads even.

We are already on the second child, the bassinet is still great. But we bought another pushchair, better foldable, lighter.

A friend had one and the brake broke on hers, too.

Lightweight, drives well, and spacious

  • spacious
  • lightweight
  • good manipulation
  • enouhh space under the bassinet

Feels lightweight, drives well, and the pram's also spacious.

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