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Practical, portable for travelling, stylish.

  • BMW design
  • low weight
  • small, compact folded measurements
  • one-handed (more of a one-footed) foling system
  • suitable for older toddlers, even 3 years+
  • carry strap to carry the folded buggy
  • small wheels
  • doesn't lie flat
  • the removable insert liner doesn't hold in its place and slides down

It is a lightweight umbrella stroller suitable for older children, designed mainly for travel and short trips on smoother paths.

We bought this stroller for our older daughter when we needed to carry 2 strollers in the car. It's perfect for this purpose as it's very roomy (you need to check if it fits in the boot though, it fit nicely lengthways in our estate car so we carried it tucked in the back of the boot without anyone ever noticing we had a second pushchair in there).

It's lightweight, and comes with a carry bag - and there's a strap on the stroller itself so it can be slung over your shoulder (for example, when carrying it up the stairs). The wheels are a bit cushioned, but they are very tiny, so it's very uncomfortable and tiring to ride in rough terrain, and basically impossible in the snow. The handles are rather low, but my husband (180 cm) didn't complain that the stroller was hard to use (and maybe he just didn't admit it because he didn't want another one :-D ).

The seat doesn't recline fully (only semi-reclining) and it doesn't have a leg rest, so it's more suited to larger children who can already reach the leg rest between the wheels. Older children will also appreciate the ability to simply hop in and out of the stroller, as the seat is low. There is a removable liner in the stroller that only sticks to the harness straps, so it slides down and needs to be repositioned. The canopy can't be extended, it only has a visor - but by only folding the seat half way down, it's sufficient and the sun never shone on the little one's face. The canopy also has a ventilation option.

Our little girl used it until she was 4 (18kg) and didn't look grown up too much for it at all. For such a large kid sitting in it, the stroller handled nicely, and there was no problem with going out on the curb either.

Stylish, very compact

  • practical
  • compact
  • doesn't lay flat, neither the leg rest is adjustable - more suitable for older children

A stylish buggy, very compact.

The most perfect buggy on the market

  • Functions
  • Low weight
  • Good maneuverability
  • Space and comfort for the child
  • Quality materials
  • Sturdiness
  • Easy cleaning even with a light color
  • Design
  • Refinement
  • None

The most perfect - functional and high-quality - buggy on the market. Other models are either too massive or too small. It's so practical - lightweight, handy, with a lot of space for the child and really comfortable. Even a 3-4-year-old child fits well in it.

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