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Affordable, comfortable

  • large and comfortable for baby
  • the ride is comfy due to the big tyres
  • extra section on hood
  • comes with accessories
  • fabric is water-repellent
  • leather handle
  • easy to put together
  • easy to push
  • passes easily on all terrain
  • the manufacturer has good customer service ( we lost the car seat adaptors, and it was super easy to receive new ones)
  • could use a larger baggage compartment
  • the newborn pram part cannot be fully disassembled to wash the fabric ( the reclining seat os ok to wash entirely)
  • slightly larger than other strollers altogether

I love it! Affordable, comfortable, comes with accessories, larger than most newborn pram, and great reclining seat. Functional hood, that opens up an extra section with a zipper. I would love a bit larger baggage compartment, but that's just me. Stroller is easy to push, easily passing through a rough terrain, sand, city areas, pavements, everywhere. Fits ok in a family hatchback car trunk. Very satisfied.

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