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For me, definitely satisfaction

  • price
  • 3 in 1 system
  • wheels are great for worse terrain, e.g. even cobbles in the city
  • spacious
  • the hood was falling from the beginning (short screw), but nothing terrible :) we put in a longer one

We were mainly looking for a spacious pram, and for the wheels to be equally spaced (not the ones spinning in the front). For me, definitely satisfaction, still in perfect condition and will be used for the second baby :)

  • after 14 days of winter riding, the wheels have loosened
  • within six months the brake broke, so until we got a new one I just braked by braking the front wheels
  • the stroller started coming apart at the seams inside
  • hard to clean if dirty, nothing comes off

I bought the stroller without much thought, which was of course my fault. It didn't cost us much, which was the deciding factor... The stroller went to ruin in a few months - the brake had to be repaired, the canopy too, the frame had to be welded... I don't know if I was really that unkind to it, but it really sucked. I would never buy this type of stroller again.

I found it unreliable

  • Original
  • So many things for the price
  • Color
  • Large basket
  • Very, very heavy
  • The frame has the seat/cot fixed on it, thus you can't go in the shop with just a car seat
  • It seems to me that on uneven surfaces it does not dampen shocks almost at all

I was thrilled with the stroller! I liked the great accessories :) ...for the price, it was great! The color is also very nice, although it seemed darker in the photo on the website.

It didn't seem so good after I gave birth - I found it unreliable. I was quite worried that something would crack or the wheel would fall off. On the plus side, it's narrow and fits almost anywhere. It seems original to me. There are so many things for the price.

And now the cons -> it's too heavy. You can't detach the bassinet and put the car seat only on the frame. I find that on uneven surfaces it hardly absorbs shocks at all.

I've been using it for 2 months so far and will be buying another one, but that's only because it's very heavy and we have a bad downhill for this stroller, and we're still without a lift... I think it will be better as a pushchair, and when we move.

I was impressed by the look

  • Portable inner cot bag. We live upstairs and have the stroller downstairs in the basement - the portable bag came in handy when my girl fell asleep during a walk. I could just grab the cot's ears and carry her into the apartment
  • After half a year of use, the wheels are starting to squeak (so far only when wet) - daddy doesn't have time to grease them, so I'll try it myself 😁

I was impressed by the look of the stroller. I chose the version with inflatable wheels.

Lasted a really long time

  • Large bassinet
  • Insert bag
  • Absolutely everything in the three-in-one system (we only bought a liner for the seat)
  • Even folded, it is large

The stroller lasted a really long time. After being done with it, it passes from us to the new owner.

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