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  • Lightweight chassis
  • Easy handling
  • Easy folding and unfolding of the stroller
  • Rubberised wheels
  • Without the front wheels locked, it tends to move around on bus journeys etc.

A very good pram - I am absolutely happy with it. Thanks to removable parts it is possible to wash it if the stroller is dirty, I was pleasantly surprised by the lightness of the stroller.

Really decent quality for a low price

  • timeless design
  • wide choice of colour combinations
  • good handling
  • large wheels suitable for more difficult terrain
  • easy to clip on/off parts
  • good ventilation
  • large shopping basket
  • high weight of the frame and individual combinations
  • the seat cannot be folded together with the chassis

The Kunert Libero was my first stroller for my son Alex. It has a beautiful design and offers really decent quality for a low price.

Everyone praises it

  • Light
  • Pretty colorways
  • Small storage space

I am happy with it. I chose an unusual colour design. Green with gold. Everyone praises it.

  • many colour combinations
  • price
  • suspension, can handle all terrains
  • there are quite a few of them, so I don't see one on every corner (to be honest, I haven't met one)
  • ventilated - suitable for a spring/summer baby
  • possibility to reverse the seat in both forward and opposite direction
  • inflatable wheels
  • possibility to put the child in the seat in a full recline position
  • aprons for all 3 parts, carrycot, seat and car seat
  • lightweight
  • compact
  • it's more complicated to get hold of this stroller
  • it is not possible to see it in person, only to order it online
  • the seat part could be longer
  • small carrying capacity of the shopping basket - it has started to tear, and I don't carry groceries in it!

When choosing a stroller, my priority was for it to be lightweight, considering that we don't have an elevator in our apartment building. Although I eventually gave up on the carrying up, I'm glad I chose this stroller.

I was charmed by the many color combinations this stroller offers. There is a choice of colour and print - not just the fabric, but also the metal parts. However, what put me off at first was that I couldn't see it anywhere in person. The stroller is made in Poland, although at that time (I don't know about now) 3 sites were selling it, none of them had it in stock and it was only on order. I also tried to find a mom who had the stroller in question so I could visit, maybe, to see it, but unfortunately for god (or thank god) I couldn't.

Which has sparked another affection in me for this model - I'll have a stroller I won't meet on every corner, and I'll admit, I haven't met one in a year :-D And I'm grateful, I don't like stuff everybody has. The advantage of the stroller is its ventilation options - since the little one was born in March, I refused the big airtight plastic/leather carrycots. The inflatable wheels were my husband's requirement when buying the stroller. So far I thank him for that, especially when I see the plastic wheels on the umbrella buggies rattling, or the ruined foam wheels full of little pebbles. Thanks to the air-filled wheels and suspension, this stroller has tried I guess every terrain except sand :-D And I've always been happy with it.

I appreciated the reversibility of the seat when the sun was shining but also when the wind was blowing, I was always able to adjust so that the baby was protected. What I have to criticize the stroller is the small carrying capacity of the shopping cart, I mostly carry a blanket and an apron in it, or a small water bottle, but still it started to rip. I will add that if the seat part was longer, I would definitely use the stroller longer and would have no reason to replace it.

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