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My favorite

  • size of the bassinet
  • suspension
  • rocking - adjustable spring firmness
  • all included in the standard equipment
  • stable - does not tip over even with a heavy bag on the handle
  • handle adjustability
  • availability of servicing
  • goes over any terrain
  • appearance
  • if the drink holder was inside the handle, it would be better

My favorite pram.

Just wonderful

  • large pram
  • easily washable
  • nicely foldable even for the car
  • for me absolute satisfaction

It's just wonderful, I can't let it go. I would buy it again.

Absolutely amazing

  • suspension
  • spring stiffness adjustment
  • stability
  • handle adjustability
  • goes over any terrain
  • appearance
  • large, spacious carrycot
  • gel wheels
  • good height
  • washable
  • easy to handle
  • easy to maintain
  • interior washable - including bag

An absolutely amazing stroller. Nice look, goes over any terrain without a problem, foldable.

  • incline in the bassinet
  • large wheels
  • really bad overall quality
  • not worth the money

The chassis squeaks and creaks brutally. Even oiling it doesn’t help much. Also, the front wheels are like hanging in the air, not secure on the ground.

Easy to drive and easy to clean


Very pretty, large, easy to drive, and easy to clean...

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