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kika says:
"Po vyskúšani viacerých kočíkov musím povedať, že síce stojím za negatívami, čo som už napísala, ale dala by som lepšie hodnotenie"
and gives the Joolz Day 3

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  • Driving
  • Accessories available
  • The child's belly bar is at a bad height

I reviewed this pram a year back and I was quite negative. I am sorry and want to write a more positive one this time, as I tried more different models and realized that even if I still think this pram has quite a few negatives, I like it and would rate it higher, actually.

My son is almost two and we're still using it, and I didn't find a better one. The design I still like very much, even after that time. And the best thing about it is the driveability. It pushes great, even over bumps 👍👍👍. Another, even if optional thing, is the sold-separately sun shade. ☺️

To not be overly positive, a very gig minus is the belly bar height. It should be 3 to 5 cm lowe, where it is, it's quite impractical.

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