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Excellent driving and manipulation

  • driving characteristics - it managed both forest and mountains
  • suspension
  • everything can be washed
  • hood with mesh
  • fits everywhere (narrow)
  • 5-point harness
  • two-piece fold - it was annoying me over time, and the folded bulk takes up a lot of space
  • with a bigger child, it's difficult to adjust the seat unit - it can really hurts fingers
  • no accessories included

Excellent driving and manipulation.

A dream to push

  • Driveability
  • Folding
  • Comfort
  • Short canopy

An excellent stroller that is a dream to push.

Perfect ❤ Easy to maneuver, easy to fold, easy to unload from a trunk; the size of the carrycot is good enough, and it is lightweight, the carrycot - and the chassis is lightweight too... The basket is large enough. Wheels tackle every terrain, and the beautiful design is only a bonus ❤❤

  • Lots of little gadgets to add

A wonderful urban stroller system that can easily handle mountains 😉 It's practical, compact, and easy to control.

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