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  • It is really nice to ride!
  • It handles very well
  • It is lightweight
  • It can handle a forest path quite well (occasionally), which surprised me when it is rated as a city stroller everywhere
  • During the first few folds the frame of the carrycot got scratched, I would have expected better durability
  • When my son was six months old and his center of gravity shifted, I thought his head was a little lower than his feet in the bassinet
  • Original accessories are quite expensive, but not everything needs to be Joolz :-)

We are very satisfied with the stroller. Beautiful appearance, for the baby seems it comfortable and it rides almost by itself! It's great that the child can sit both rear-facing and backwards in the seat. I was a bit disappointed with the quality of materials and workmanship for the money - it rubs easily (supposedly it's supposed to be more durable than the Day 2, I don't know then 🤔), and a wheel clicks sometimes when riding.

1. Bad geometry, when the bag is full, it tips over, plus the bag doesn't fit well, it touches the frame of the bassinet.
2. When the seat part is facing you, the child sits in that third position, you can't get into the basket well.
3. Difficult to position with the baby, I already have muscles on my fingers 💪
4. You can't practically put the seat part facing the direction of travel (you see the baby's back) when you have even an organizer hanging on the handle.
5. Car seat snapping on... pure disaster. The egg is about 0.5 cm narrower and even though there are adapters, it's horribly hard to unlatch (Cybex Aton 5).
6. Folding the chassis into the boot of the car, everything in the basket spills out and the handle is all dirty from the wheels.

In one word, this pram is PERFECT

  • Weight
  • Foldability
  • Design

I've loved it since the first time I saw it in the baby shop. I originally wanted the Joolz HUB, but it wass smaller and didn't suit my height.

The bassinet is beautifully deep and even our chubby baby fit in it without any problems until he was 6 months old (it couldn't be used longer because he was curious and didn't want to lie in the bassinet or on his stomach). The seat mode looks perfect, it has a bucket-style anatomic recline, 3 positions: sitting, half sitting and totally reclining. The legrest is adjustable and can be extended a lot. The Ellodie Details seat mat fits in the stroller.

In one word, this pram is PERFECT.

  • Design
  • Carrycot very detailed - ventilation windows with a view for the baby
  • Both the carrycot and the seat share the same frame and canopy, so the part you don't use takes up minimum space
  • Both the carrycot and the seat are high positioned
  • Seat with extendable footrest suitable for really long babies (tested by my almost 4 year old daughter)
  • Solid cushioned frame
  • Also suitable for tall people
  • Large selection of purchasable accessories
  • Higher weight
  • Large dimensions when folded
  • Handle is high and away from the child in the pushchair mode
  • I would have liked a classic upward positioning of the legs in the seated position
  • The storage basket is a good size, but it's harder to access in some seat positions - it would help if it was also open between the front fork
  • Folding requires two hands and a bit of practice
  • The folded stroller cannot be secured against unfolding!!!!
  • All accessories are bought separately, which increases the price of the stroller

An excellent stroller for up to 1-1,5 years. After that its size and weight start to be a bit of a nuisance.

  • great to handle - easy one-handed operation even on broken pavements, can also traverse worse terrain
  • design - it's just gorgeous, luxurious
  • large shopping basket
  • suitable for taller parents as the handle can be pulled up really high, also the bassinet is positioned higher compared to other strollers in the same class
  • there is no hood extension - it can be solved with the original sun visor (it does not darken the interior, though)
  • folding the stroller into two parts - the seat/bassinet must be detached and the frame folds flat
  • uncomfortable positioning of the stroller - two hands to press the buttons and half-fold the seat - compared to the Joolz Hub this solution is very uncomfortable

In a year of intensive use, even on rough terrain, the stroller has no shortcomings, especially with the wheels and chassis. I definitely recommend the stroller. Except for a few downsides, which I have found only through use, I rate the stroller as excellent.

  • Driving
  • Accessories available
  • The child's belly bar is at a bad height

I reviewed this pram a year back and I was quite negative. I am sorry and want to write a more positive one this time, as I tried more different models and realized that even if I still think this pram has quite a few negatives, I like it and would rate it higher, actually.

My son is almost two and we're still using it, and I didn't find a better one. The design I still like very much, even after that time. And the best thing about it is the driveability. It pushes great, even over bumps 👍👍👍. Another, even if optional thing, is the sold-separately sun shade. ☺️

To not be overly positive, a very gig minus is the belly bar height. It should be 3 to 5 cm lowe, where it is, it's quite impractical.

Couldn't have picked a better one

  • beautiful design
  • easy manipulation while folding
  • nice adjustable push bar good even for tall parents
  • bassinet is slightly inclined (a nice touch)
  • 3 recline positions of the seat, easy to do
  • when getting a 2in1 system, you only change the zip-on part, which makes it easy to store

I couldn't have picked a better one :)

Excellent driving and manipulation

  • driving characteristics - it managed both forest and mountains
  • suspension
  • everything can be washed
  • hood with mesh
  • fits everywhere (narrow)
  • 5-point harness
  • two-piece fold - it was annoying me over time, and the folded bulk takes up a lot of space
  • with a bigger child, it's difficult to adjust the seat unit - it can really hurts fingers
  • no accessories included

Excellent driving and manipulation.

A dream to push

  • Driveability
  • Folding
  • Comfort
  • Short canopy

An excellent stroller that is a dream to push.

Perfect ❤ Easy to maneuver, easy to fold, easy to unload from a trunk; the size of the carrycot is good enough, and it is lightweight, the carrycot - and the chassis is lightweight too... The basket is large enough. Wheels tackle every terrain, and the beautiful design is only a bonus ❤❤

  • Lots of little gadgets to add

A wonderful urban stroller system that can easily handle mountains 😉 It's practical, compact, and easy to control.

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