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18 parent reviews

A disappointment

  • One hand opening and closure
  • Lightweight
  • Decent size basket
  • Stiff and noisy wheels that get stuck on all terrains
  • Harness system unsafe
  • Not enough canopy coverage
  • Flimsy handlebar

Unfortunately this stroller was a disappointment. I already have the Joie Versatrax travel system, and it worked well, so I thought I could buy the lightweight option from the same brand. This stroller is not sturdy, the adjustable handle makes it more flimsy and doesn’t really add anything in terms of comfort. The straps are an absolute nightmare, they come off while using the stroller, and even if the magnetic closure is a good idea, but the overall harness system doesn’t seem safe. The worst part of this stroller though, is that the wheels are stiff and literally get stuck at even the smallest crack or uneven surface. A very uncomfortable experience for both parent and baby. The one hand closure system works well and it’s handy. The footrest is included and comfortable. The canopy doesn’t provide enough coverage unfortunately. Overall, not a great option, despite the competitive price.

  • Adjustable handle
  • Adjustable backrest
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Spacious basket
  • Shoulder strap
  • Stroller storage bag (you won't get your car boot dirty)
  • Smaller wheels
  • Incline of the seat

We are very satisfied with the stroller. Very well made English pram. It is light - less than 6 kg, and not at all unstable. It is compact and takes up a minimum of space when folded. It fits a larger child as well.

The handle is adjustable, so it is also suitable for taller parents. It has an adjustable backrest, up to full lie flat. The leg rest can also be adjusted.
The basket under the pram is quite roomy. The seating is a little bit sort of tilted back, which bothered me at first, but our son doesn't mind it and he likes the stroller and likes to sit there. The wheels are tiny, but they can go over bumps and small stones. Of course, it's not for very bumpy roads - it's a travel stroller, so it's perfect for vacations and going to the mall ;-).

  • ease of use
  • small folded size
  • the child is simply not comfortable in the seat
  • not spacious enough for that weight capacity

I like the ease of use and the small folded size, but the child is, unfortunately, simply not comfortable in the seat. It is also not spacious enough for that weight capacity.

Not worth your money


Not worth your money.

  • small
  • light
  • easy to manage
  • can take the weight
  • holds and unfolds by itself/one button
  • small canopy
  • the backrest cannot be upright

We have been using it from the beginning as a 3in1 because you can buy a Joie compatible basket for a newborn.

The stroller is feather light and resistant, it fits behind the seat in the car, very easy to manage on the roads as we drove them on macadam and rough roads without any problems (only gravel was the problem).

The canopy could be bigger, it needs 10 cm to be parallel with the seat and to provide full shade.
The backreast cannot be placed under 90 in sitting position and the baby is really laid back.

It carries a lot more than 15 / 22kg because I used it almost like a working stroller (drove the baby + everything from the market + a couple of tens of kg of soil for flowers in the basket below). Honestly, apart from the canopy size and the backrest, I have no other objections and we really squeezed maximum from it.

  • Light weight
  • Folds up easily
  • Feels like it’s going to fall to bits when you push it
  • The seat isn’t upright, my little boy looks so uncomfortable in it
  • The wheels are so small

I bought this pushchair to go on holiday with but it was a complete waste of money as my little boy hates it. He cries when he’s in it because he can’t sit up straight and he’s so uncomfortable. So I’ve now got to purchase another one.

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • quick-folding
  • affordable
  • adjustable handlebar
  • the seat is very slanted - I wish it would be more upright
  • small, noisy wheels
  • too much give in the handle - it moves more than I'd like

The seat is spacious enough, but it's very slanted (my kid slides down a bit). It is a compromise to the price, but for occasional use, it will do.

It's light and compact


We got this pram because my wife has to carry it upstairs (2nd floor) daily. It's light and compact for that, she's happy about that.

  • Does not hold the seat in its position (my baby weights 20 pounds)
  • Seat does not go upright, the baby is half seated like on a swimming pool bench
  • Front wheels are too small, gets stuck in minimal imperfections on the sidewalk

The system to hold the seat in the upright position is too weak. In less than a month, it was damaged. Also, the seat does not get to sit upright, which looks very uncomfortable. Finally, the front wheels are too weak, and the stroller gets stuck on the minimal batch on the sidewalk or stone. The rest is fine, but it has too many downsides for the price and promises of this nice stroller.

  • padded seat
  • full recline
  • adjustable - rotating handle
  • stylish
  • one-hand recline (inklining is two-handed, though)
  • the wheels take in a lot of gravel
  • the hood is very short
  • the seat is angled
  • foam-covered handlebar
  • noisy on cobblestones
  • straps to recline feel weak and cheap

Fo holidays and trips only, it's a good pushchair. Other than that, I keep in our car as a spare, so it usually goes out only when doing a lot of shopping or at the grandma's. Works fine like that. You have to keep in my it's not an expensive buggy.

A pretty little stroller for the car and for when your child cannot walk anymore. Nothing for everyday or for bad terrain, but as a secondary option, one of the few with an adjustable handlebar (and probably the only that is really affordable).

I recommend it. We use it for 2 months, and we are happy with it.

I do love the design, the low weight, and the simplicity of use. And all that for an affordable price.

The downsides comprise the angled backrest, meaning your child doesn't sit upright and may slump down if he/she wants to or lets him/herself to, the small wheels good for mainly shopping centers and airports, and a shorter hood (mainly in the laying position or with a smaller child).

The best is then, I think, to truly have it for only occasional use when you don't expect much - and low weight will be asset enough.

The seat it really poor designed


Unfortunately we are sooooo unhappy with this stroller. For the price you pay I would expect more. Yes it folds absolutely amazingly but that is the only great thing about it. My little boy absolutely hated sitting in it as it is a really uncomfortable angle for them with no way to adjust. The seat it really poor designed. He kept slipping to the side. Not only that, the buckle system is so complicated which doesn’t make it easy if needing to strap a child in safe and quickly, especially if you have a squirming child.

  • price
  • low weight
  • folds by itself (for locking it, you need to help the system a bit, though)
  • spacious even for an older child
  • nice design (I want to underline the pretty wheels)
  • compatible with a carrycot and a car seat - can create a full travel system (one set of adapters for the car seat/carrycot is also a huge plus)
  • travel bag (very simple) and rain cover included
  • the fabrics are creased even in a new one
  • doesn't fit the airline compartment dimensions (it is a bit bigger than cabin luggage)
  • seemingly weak strap system of backrest adjustment
  • short canopy

The price-performance ratio is very nice. For that price, don't expect the most luxury and sturdiest pushchair there is, but it is more than just a simple buggy. And I find it very practical for the on-the-go parents of an older toddler, that doesn't need all the bells and whistles.

I like the spaciousness and overall design, even though the details are maybe a bit too straightforward. The canopy is not very long, however, and keep in mind you probably will be buying some extra shading device (that sunshield in the front is so small I think the producer might have been joking ;-) ). The seat is nice and well padded, even for a smaller child. You CAN adjust the seat up to a full lay-flat! I also love that the bumper bar is included (not all pushchairs of this type have those). And I am extremely thankful for the button that holds the between-legs padding on the lower strap of the harness - that is simply wonderful! (I lost these things so many times in the past, not talking about how uncomfortable it is always to adjust it so that you can clip the buckle together and it is not in the way...)

The handlebar height is excellent for taller parents - I am 179 and my husband 183 - and we couldn't have chosen better, handle-height-wise. And it is even adjustable, which makes it a little bit more wobbly, but on the other hand, so few of these compact pushchairs have those I feel like we bumped into a unicorn! It is not an all-terrain pushchair, so I am not taking the small-ish wheels as a negative - you get what you buy (and do take the price you pay into account not to expect something crazy). The driveability on basic surfaces is OK. Having said all that, I rate it quite high.

  • Folding system
  • Padding
  • Price
  • Very simple
  • Canopy
  • Handlebar can be adjusted

I am a bit disappointed I couldn't take it on-board. Also, it feels a bit simple in your hand. But the price and the folding system make up for it. And Joie, please make the canopy - or at least the sun visor - longer!

A simple, affordable buggy with a few 'magical' features. Not the sturdiest, but with a lot to offer. Great for occasional use or to keep in the car.

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