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We are very happy with ours

  • It is quite light (6.9 kg)
  • Reclines almost all the way, the main seat can be used for a newborn if you get a little cushion insert (because the straps might not be small enough otherwise)
  • 4 recline settings, the most upright is practically sitting complete straight so good for older kids
  • Can recline or un-recline with one hand (no strap system!)
  • Folds with one hand, unfolding can be done with one hand but isn't as easy
  • Folds up pretty small, doesn't take up too much space in our apartment
  • Can push it with one hand
  • Can add a bassinet or a car seat which clicks on (they use the same adapters). Can use basically any carseat with traditional European adapters: maxi-cosi, joie, nuna, cybex, etc. You would have to remove the bassinet or car seat if you want to fold it, but the adapters stay on and fold with the stroller so you won't loose them.
  • Can be used up to 22 kg, so fine for older kids as well
  • Adjustable foot rest
  • Mesh panels on top (peekaboo window to see baby) and back that you can open
  • Decent size basket (I can shove a large diaper bag in it)
  • Fairly narrow, easy to maneuver in tight spaces
  • Turns on a dime
  • Good easy foot brake
  • Swivel locks on the front wheels for easier straight pushing
  • Has a belly bar
  • Rain cover for stroller and for bassinet (comes with separate ones)
  • 5 point harness that is magnetic so easy to buckle, opens with click of one button
  • It has decent size wheels and 4 wheel suspension, but it could be better, but pushes like a dream on smooth sidewalks and indoors
  • Canopy is a good size for a travel stroller (not big but not too small) and it is water resistant
  • Price is better than many other strollers
  • Suspension could be better, the baby feels it when on bumpy roads. Even on cobbled sidewalks the baby feels it (once the baby got bigger, this wasn't such an issue)
  • Adapters fold, which is good, but also means that if you leave them on the stroller while your child is in the main seat, they could get their fingers caught in them
  • The canopy isn't the largest, some sun can get in from the sides
  • The seat also only faces forward, but you can get a bassinet or car seat which allows the baby to face you when little. Does add to the cost though
  • The shoulder straps sometimes disconnect from the buckle and have to be put back on which is annoying, but hasn't been a major issue for us, only happens once in a while
  • Bigger wheels would be better for suspension and stairs/curbs (though it is fine on stairs and curbs)
  • No carry strap, but the belly bar can be used as a handle. I would prefer a shoulder strap though!
  • Might not fold small enough for an airplane

We are very happy with ours, use it to get around the city, including buses, light rail, walking, stairs, and in and out of the car. Got the Joie Signature Ramble bassinet and a car seat, used since birth. Baby is now in the seat, she loves it.

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