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Megan says:
"A good all round stroller for the price"
and gives the Joie Mytrax

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  • Huge extending hood with SPF protection
  • Big seat unit, great for tall children
  • Rain cover has good coverage
  • Adjustable handle
  • Compact fold
  • Large basket
  • Easy to use, reliable brakes
  • VERY noisy wheels
  • Small basket opening which is hard to access, especially when the seat is reclined
  • Bulky rain cover
  • Not the most lightweight stroller
  • Bumper bar has to be fully removed every time you want to get your child in and out

A good all round stroller for the price, the seat is amazing and was the main selling point for my tall toddler, really comfy and the back rest is very tall. The basket is lovely and spacious, but has a very small opening so can't get anything much bigger than a child's backpack in there. The raincover has amazing coverage but is very bulky and if you can manage to squeeze it into the basket it takes up all of the space. The stroller folds down easily and is very compact once folded and I also found it easy to steer. However, the constant rattling from the wheels on anything other than a smooth surface was just too much for me, it sounded like I was pushing a tea trolley on the school run every day and we ended up trading it in for a different stroller after only 4 months which is a real shame as it is a lovely pram aside from that.

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