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  • Huge extending hood with SPF protection
  • Big seat unit, great for tall children
  • Rain cover has good coverage
  • Adjustable handle
  • Compact fold
  • Large basket
  • Easy to use, reliable brakes
  • VERY noisy wheels
  • Small basket opening which is hard to access, especially when the seat is reclined
  • Bulky rain cover
  • Not the most lightweight stroller
  • Bumper bar has to be fully removed every time you want to get your child in and out

A good all round stroller for the price, the seat is amazing and was the main selling point for my tall toddler, really comfy and the back rest is very tall. The basket is lovely and spacious, but has a very small opening so can't get anything much bigger than a child's backpack in there. The raincover has amazing coverage but is very bulky and if you can manage to squeeze it into the basket it takes up all of the space. The stroller folds down easily and is very compact once folded and I also found it easy to steer. However, the constant rattling from the wheels on anything other than a smooth surface was just too much for me, it sounded like I was pushing a tea trolley on the school run every day and we ended up trading it in for a different stroller after only 4 months which is a real shame as it is a lovely pram aside from that.

  • folded and unfolded in seconds
  • the telescopic handle with height adjustment was one huge plus for us, both my partner and I very much welcomed this feature
  • full recline
  • large basket
  • two legrest positions
  • extended canopy
  • I really appreciate the rear inflatable wheels
  • a drink holder and a rain cover were available to purchase
  • unfortunately the front wheels stumble slightly on uneven surfaces, nothing terrible
  • you have to buy the footmuff separately

We are very happy with the pushchair. The only minus it has for us is the front wheels stumbling on uneven surfaces, but once you drive on flat ground you don't know about them at all. The Joie itself is a very nice pushchair, we have the Pavement variant and couldn't have chosen better - the colour is exactly what I expected it to be - a lovely rich dark grey.

  • Simplicity and elegance
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Load capacity
  • Large canopy
  • Quick folding
  • None at all

Light, compact and perfect...

We needed a pushchair that had a high load capacity, was easy to store in the car, and also had an eye-catching look. The Joie Mytrax delivered on all that.

Simple and elegant in appearance. Convenient one-touch folding. Carrying capacity like few sports cars. And the inflatable wheels as a bonus, so we have no problem on any accessible terrain.

Not at all unhappy


After switching my larger travel system for the Joie Mytrax pushchair, I am not at all unhappy, just feel that the storage basket is smaller and not as accessible as what I was used to. I can't fault the pushchair, though, as most baskets were like that on this type of pushchair (even with other brands).

A great pushchair


A great pushchair. I'd recommend it happily :)

  • high weight capacity
  • nice wheels
  • high weight
  • not spacious enough for older toddlers
  • the central joints are very strained when the pushchair is folded
  • starts to rattle over time

It is quite small, given its weight capacity of 30 kg.

  • Very compact
  • XXL canopy with a sun visor!
  • Telescoping handlebar
  • Good even for harsh terrain
  • Cup Holder
  • I miss an apron
  • No sold-separately accessories like the canopy, the seat upholstery, a handlebar/bumper bar covers or harness padding

I only changed it (for a reversible one) because my son needed to see me.

The seat space could be larger; otherwise, I find it spacious and comfortable enough. Good even for winter clothing plus a footmuff.

It's a very good, beautiful pushchair. That HUGE canopy is really luxurious. And the handlebar that telescopes out is a big plus. But you always will find something negative (on any pushchair) - for me it's the weight, and also the fact that you cannot buy a spare canopy or upholstery just so when you need it. Even though the canopy is UPF50+ protective, it fades in the sun - which is a shame, because otherwise it's very nice, and you can even remove it for washing!

The best pushchair I ever had


The best pushchair I ever had. 😊

Really a great stroller

  • lightweight
  • compact
  • comfortable
  • the bumper bar is a bit difficult to remove and not gate-opening

The Joie Mytrax is really a great stroller.

Ok even on worse terrain

  • folding system and folded size
  • XXL canopy
  • lay-flat
  • waterproof fabrics
  • all-wheel suspension
  • adjustable handlebar
  • nice design
  • rattling front wheels - you need to put a rubber in between the joint
  • bulky rain cover - but it's better when you take out its reinforcement

Since we go everywhere with our car, we looked for a pushchair that will fit nicely in ours - and the Mytrax did check this box. It folds nice and flat. I also love the waterproof fabrics - they protect well, combined with the canopy size, even when it starts raining and you don't have your rain cover with you. The only downside would be those rattling front wheels - but we put rubber in the joints, and it's much better. Otherwise, the pushchair is ok even on worse terrain - we tried a field, grass, all was fine...

I would only reproach the higher weight


Lightweight, good to push about. Easy folding. Spacious. Practical canopy. We're happy with it.

I would only reproach the higher weight - it could be lighter, but it's not terrible.

The only fault I found is the Joie apron

  • easy to push
  • compact
  • generous hood
  • full recline
  • leg rest is adjustable
  • bumper bar needs to be removed (no gate-opening)

It met our requirements. We wanted a lightweight stroller with wheels with tires, stable enough to not flip over if a bag hangs from the handlebar; compact in folded as well as unfolded state - I mean, I am only 162cm tall, so I wanted to see where I'm going, and an easy manipulation as well. I also needed an easy fold/unfold, a large enough hood over the seat, and compatibility with a car seat... and an affordable price to add to it :-) And so we found the Joie Mytrax.

The stroller features an adjustable handle, which you will be happy about if you and your partner are of different heights. The one-hand fold will be appreciated if you need to hold your run-away passenger while folding the stroller. If you have a car seat but use the seat already, too, you simply remove the bumper bar and click on the adapters (no need to hold something else in your hand or remove the whole seat like with the reversible strollers).

The only fault I found is the Joie apron - it's way too low, ending up on the bumper bar.

We use it for off-road walks

  • Comfy even for an older toddler
  • Nice to push
  • Works ok even in terrain
  • Higher weight
  • Wheels click loudly when pushing
  • Inaccessible basket (when the child is napping)
  • Bad accessibility to the folding handle - best if you recline it first

A good stroller. We use it for off-road walks. Heavy to load in the car. A 2yo child fits comfortably in the seat.

  • Compact
  • Lightweight
  • Quality finishes
  • Looks expensive
  • Noisy wheels
  • basket not that accessible
  • No pocket in the hood

For the city and light terrain, a good pushchair.

  • Beautiful design
  • Compactness
  • Large hood
  • Air-filled tires
  • Large basket
  • Bad basket access when the backrest is reclined
  • Rattle-y front wheels
  • The central joint where it folds seems fragile - I don't know if it will last a few years

For me, a second stroller - I bought it mainly to fold in my car and to have something easy to push around. I love the design, the huge hood protecting from the sun as well as from the wind, and the air-filled tires can go through most surfaces - in the city as well as the countryside. An excellent price-performance ratio.

The only downside would be the noisy front wheels, but you can fix those cheaply with rubbers put inside the joints. The folding is super easy, but the joint feels loose - and even though it's still good after half a year of use, I don't know if it will hold or loosen some more... Otherwise, a great pushchair, and I would buy it again.

So nice to push

  • Compactness - one-hand fold, and it fits into our smaller car
  • Driving characteristics - suspension, inflatable rear wheels
  • Large canopy with ventilation mesh
  • Wide, long enough seating space with easy adjusting mechanisms
  • Adjustable handlebar
  • Seat folds outwards - you need to be careful to not dirty up the folded stroller
  • Basket accessibility with the seat fully reclined

Beautiful looks, spacious, compact, comfortable forward-facing stroller. It's so nice to push.

Price x performance ratio is superb

  • high-quality chassis
  • extended hood
  • handlebar and leg rest adjustment
  • all-wheel suspension
  • simple one-hand fold
  • cup holder and rain cover included
  • bulky rain cover - but taking the reinforcement parts makes it fold more compactly
  • the hood is connected directly to the backrest, so no way of securing a footmuff over the backrest

The price x performance ratio is superb.

High-quality while affordable

  • Folding
  • Space
  • Telescopic handle
  • Bumper bar
  • Lay-flat seat
  • Adjustable leg rest
  • Easy pushing with one hand
  • Sturdy, stable
  • Large canopy
  • Good coverage against cold or wind
  • Snow is a no-go
  • Rain cover without any kind of window - there are only small holes on the sides, which makes no sense to me
  • No leg cover, and we didn't find a universal one that would fit well

For me, one of the best strollers there is - high-quality while affordable.

  • I am just sorry the front wheels are not inflatable

It's a handy stroller. We were looking for a stroller with a higher backrest. It's a bit on the heavier side, but it's sturdy to compensate for it (those super-lightweight strollers don't feel stable to me). One-hand folding.

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