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patmouse says:
"Really decent"
and gives the Joie Brisk LX

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Really decent

  • Compactness and ease of folding and unfolding
  • Lies completely flat
  • Large canopy (has a visor plus can be unzipped and extended)
  • Pretty good wheels compared to some other buggies
  • As with all buggies - when lying down, it's hard to get into the basket
  • The rain cover that comes with it has reinforcements and that makes it really freaking bulky 😉

When the younger one switched from a pram to a Valco (gradually, at about 5 months), which the older one had been riding in it until then (they are two years apart), we needed something else that she could ride in occasionally. She's petite, and she can't handle everything when we go somewhere. Plus, she likes to nap in the stroller. So we needed something portable, so that both prams could be loaded into the car, but again I didn't want those rickety buggies with mini wheels, which rattle on the floating floor at home...

So I chose the Joie Brisk LX and I am completely satisfied! I was initially still tempted to compare it to the Valco, but I must remember that the Valco is a foldable pushchair (plus we have the "better" one with inflatables), and this is "just" a buggy! So for me, it's really decent! 👍

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