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  • 3 in 1 system
  • Handbrake
  • Great for the city
  • Multiple colour options
  • Not that great for terrain

Right from the start I wanted a 3 in 1 set and a handbrake. That's why I chose Jané. Since we live in the countryside, I started to find that this stroller is better for the city than for rocky shortcuts/fields :-)

The best pram


For me, the best pram.

It knows no obstacles


I am very satisfied with the stroller. It knows no obstacles, it is easy to control and gets absolutely everywhere. It's spacious, light, and quite nimble. For me, top – and it also looks great.

  • Large space for a big toddler
  • Stable
  • Easy to handle
  • Hand brake
  • No canopy lock

Lightweight, stable and easy to handle three wheeler.

A Mercedes of strollers

  • Spacious (bassinet and seat)
  • Suspension
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Positioning of the backrest in the bassinet
  • Ventilation
  • Soft seat
  • Higher weight
  • Short hood

A Mercedes of strollers. It was used for 3 children, meanwhile my niece had it borrowed (so de facto 4 kids). Not once a puncture 😊

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Quickly foldable (in the car, etc...)
  • Great for mountains and various trips
  • The pushchair version is great to fold quickly
  • The seat unit can easily fit a three year old, yet it (the seat) is not huge and heavy
  • It is not cushioned, so the baby cannot be rocked. With my first daughter it didn't matter, but the second one is different and needs to be shaken, so I ride differently on stones etc... :-D It would be easier with a rocking stroller
  • The bassinet is small - my daughter is 5 months old and she has it just right

Perfect with my first daughter, with my second I found some downsides - see below :-)

  • Big wheels
  • Design
  • Handling
  • Accessories
  • Storage
  • Can handle any terrain
  • Suspension
  • I can think of nothing really

We inherited the stroller, so my mom got it from a colleague use at their weekend house with the grandchildren. We used only the seat part. This is really a fantastic pram. Even though it is a three-wheeler, the stability is excellent. The wheels are huge, they can handle very rough terrain.

This is an incredible stroller


I didn't trust three-wheelers, and then out of sheer need a friend gave me a Jane Slalom. Like, this is an incredible stroller. Easy to handle, fun, great.

I used it for my first and second child

  • Lightweight and compact (fits in a short Skoda Fabia just fine)
  • Carrycot usable as a car seat
  • Easy to operate with one hand
  • Brake on the handle
  • Wide seat - fits a three-year-old
  • Car seat easily snaps onto the frame
  • Washable covers
  • An absolutely stable trike
  • Bassinet with adjustable backrest
  • Short hood on the seat (only bothersome in summer)
  • Can't turn the seat rear-facing
  • Small basket under the stroller, but I didn't really mind

I used it for my first and second child, it lasted through everything. We mostly rode in the city, boarding public transport just fine, often rode in the woods. I was happy with it, I would carry another child in it.

  • light
  • perfectly foldable in the car
  • easy to use
  • hood - need to be buying screens against sun, wind... small coverage

It's great that you can sew and renew the covers and change the look.

My "tank" that lasted with me for miles


My "tank" that lasted with me for miles. Maximum satisfaction 🖤

I would buy it again

  • lightweight
  • spacious enough - both the cot and the seat
  • for any terrain, can handle anything and is easy to handle
  • short canopy
  • small basket
  • not foldable into a narrow car trunk

I would buy it again :)

Ideal for jogging or in-line

  • Great one-handed operation
  • Lightweight
  • Beautiful look
  • Large inflatable wheels
  • Interchangeable covers
  • Large size after folding, although folding is quick and easy. The wheels need to be removed for a Fabia car boot
  • Can't turn the seat towards mum
  • Harder chassis, not quite as off-road as a stroller. It's a little bit too hard to get around, but it shakes. For bigger toddlers it is not a problem, but for a baby it is hard
  • Smaller basket
  • It is not a fully upright seat and the baby slides a bit - it can be solved with a thicker stroller pad and a strap between the legs sewn closer
  • A little bit is enough to tip it over if there is not completely flat and there is a sloping sidewalk/road
  • Short hood

Great handling, and a lightweight stroller with huge space in the pushchair version. Ideal for jogging or in-line.

  • stable
  • sturdy
  • easy to push
  • spacious for the child
  • comfortable
  • suitable for off-road use
  • short canopy
  • small storage basket

I am very satisfied with the carriage... there are only 2 shortcomings, namely the canopy is short and the basket is small.

Amazing for terrain


Amazing for terrain as well. Spacious so I put both kids in it 😀😀. Best of all the strollers we've had 😊.

Bassinet and seat unit are spacious

  • Stability of the pushchair
  • Spaciousness
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Frequent creaking of the frame
  • No rocking (although it has adjustable suspension on the rear wheels)
  • Brake on newer design tends to drop a few mm and clack on rear wheels when on uneven surfaces - serviced several times and unrepairable
  • Very short canopy (both for the carrycot and the seat)
  • Small basket (carrying capacity is great - 4kg)

3 in 1 set.

We didn't use the car seat, so I can't rate its quality.

Bassinet - spacious, inclinable (ideal for children with reflux). It has ventilation.

Seat unit - spacious, ideal for larger toddlers.

Frame - stable.

Light, large

  • Light
  • Large
  • Easy to push
  • Only world-facing seat

I had this one with my son, I didn't even get a buggy, it was light, large... with my daughter it was used just like a pram, I got a different stroller to have a reversible seat 😆

  • Manoevrability
  • Inflatable wheels

Our first pushchair. Great for off-road and street. Nice design for us, functional - and seemed comfortable for my son.

Now a third child is riding in it

  • For me it was simply very good in 2009-2012
  • And I also liked it a lot 😁
  • A bit of faded color on the pushchair part

My Jané stroller was a gift from my brother, I believe a gift from the heart, so it has served well - and now a third child is riding in it 🤗

  • Lightweight
  • Stable
  • Small carrycot, can be reclined and used as a car seat
  • Front wheel lock
  • Little one can be strapped in
  • Not as easy to strap in the car

It's a big difference from my first White Lux stroller. It's lightweight, easy to handle. It's great for sports. The little one is fine in it even when he's resting.

The TOP among strollers

  • Spacious bassinet
  • The bassinet can be used in the car, using adapters
  • Backrest can be positioned in the bassinet
  • Ventilation of the bassinet
  • The cut of the hood and apron on the bassinet - it does not blow in, it is sufficiently covered
  • Spacious seat
  • Adjustable footrest on the seat
  • The leg rest is "straight" so that if the child is already bigger, he is not pushed by the plastic edges of the footrest, because there are none (footrest)
  • Removable covers, roof and handle - washable/cleanable
  • Belt positioning of the sitting part
  • Hand brake
  • Adjustable handle
  • Lightweight aluminium construction
  • Easy handling
  • Inflatable and removable wheels (front wheel is swivel, can be locked)
  • Last but not least, the design!
  • The stroller is sold with the original rain cape, pump and changing bag
  • The changing bag includes a changing mat
  • The bag is large enough, it fastens to the stroller with Velcro
  • Reflective elements on the stroller
  • Small shopping basket
  • The seat does not reverse in both directions (but is all the more spacious)
  • The hood on the seat is short
  • There is no window on the hood of the seat

The Jane Slalom Pro stroller is for me the TOP among strollers. I had my heart set on it for years, and when it was finally time to buy a stroller, we bought the last one, as another type started to be produced instead...

For me satisfaction 100%, but in use I found some "beauty flaws", but they do not outweigh my satisfaction. The shopping basket is too small for us, the canopy on the seat is short and has no window. But compared to all the pluses I found on the stroller, it's nothing.

I have found many strollers that charmed me with something, but the Jané Slalom Pro remains the TOP for me so far. And I'm really glad that our stroller arrived on time, and we were able to buy the last piece. 😁

  • Large basket
  • Large lying area
  • Can be put from completely up to lie-down
  • Has a skate brake, which is great
  • The leg rest can be positioned
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Easy to fold and unfold
  • The apron is not included in the price of the stroller
  • Canopy cannot be extended
  • It is only facing one direction

We had an older type, but we were satisfied... Until at least 3 years of age of the child. Only on the older types there is a window on the hood that can't be covered.

My husband's fav


It's my husband's fav, he doesn't want another one. Easy to handle, great sports and baby/toddler space. Everything is washable.

Thumbs up


Thumbs up!

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