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6 parent reviews

Satisfaction with the pram, the only little thing - my boy grew out of it quickly. For us – practical car seat for longer trips.

I was a little worried about getting used to the 4 wheels, having had a Slalom before. But the stroller is great, easy to handle, compact enough. I'm really happy with the Jané brand, even though they are one of the more expensive strollers. If I have a second child (though not planning on that), I'm going to go to Jané again. Ever since I felt my friends' strollers, none of them had what this stroller does. Perhaps the Peg Perego was still good to drive as well... no other model I tried was.

I have no complaints


Very good, nice baby carriage. Great for shorter mothers, although the handle can be adapted to taller ones...

In the carry cot, which can serve as a car seat, there is a pull-out backrest - great for reflux. I have no complaints about the carriage.

Really easy to ride

  • It folds perfectly
  • Very easy to handle
  • Well sprung
  • Takes up little space when folded
  • Good rubber wheels that don't rattle
  • Handles any terrain - even a little snow
  • A little smaller bassinet (Transporter), but you can also buy a Micro and it is bigger
  • Small basket
  • The seat is a bit smaller, so up to 2,5 years

The perfect stroller, definitely recommended. It is really easy to ride.

Really a stroller for the city only

  • light
  • very vey good to push
  • plastic wheels
  • very small wheels
  • rocking
  • the bassinet is tilted, so my baby was constantly sliding down to the legs part
  • low

Very easy to handle. Lightweight. The bassinet is very deep - but rocking, so my baby kept sliding off. Plastic wheels are very small - so you feel every bump, can't talk about terrain capability at all. Really a stroller for the city only. The hood is adjustable - this suited me fine.

I recommend it. I have been using it with 3 children for 3 years, and it withstood our daily use. It's high-quality, easy to push, the seat unit is reversible (both forward- and parent-facing), compact, plus the easily removable and machine-washable fabrics... The chassis is compatible with Concord Neo click-on parts, so it's possible to swap between them and combine the chassis with what you need.

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