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oslo1 says:
"For me a 10/10"
and gives the Jané Crosswalk

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For me a 10/10

  • I-Matrix 2 car seat - the safest car seat on the market, as it can be put into a fully reclined form, the child has no risk of breathing disorders
  • The car seat clips very well and quickly onto the frame of the stroller or into the car on Isofix
  • Once the baby can sit up, the car seat can be easily put into a sitting position
  • The seat unit of the stroller (from about 6 months) can also be put in the lie flat position, we sleep in it during the day. It is also large and spacious
  • The stroller sits well on any terrain, but is also great on dirt roads, shortcuts over pavement, or walking on uneven terrain
  • Wheels are sporty, cushioned design, cool walking up and down one and more (wide) sidewalks without waking up the child
  • For me a 10/10
  • The car seat could be a bit bigger, but we have a big guy at home (our baby boy)

Our stroller, we have had it since the birth of our son. The stroller is easy to steer with one hand (I used to use it with our son a lot when he was a baby).

The basket has a carrying capacity of about 4 kg, I can easily put 10 kg in it and it goes like a tank. The basket drops a bit then, so you have to be careful on curbs - but I'll give it to you just fine.

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