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For that price I expected a better design

  • A really sporty stroller feel, good for the terrain
  • Easy to handle
  • Small seat surface
  • Older child's feet stick out of the stroller
  • Cannot be put into complete, full recline
  • Wrong solution for attaching the bag
  • Small basket

For that price I expected a better designed stroller.

The perfect companion for any terrain

  • Not too large in unfolded state
  • Compact in folded condition (also for smaller cars)
  • Easy handling
  • Brake on the handle
  • Perfectly solved drama design between the rear wheels - so that you do not trip over the stroller every now and then and do not have all the shoe tips all worn 😉
  • The storage basket could be a little higher from the ground

The perfect companion for any terrain. You just need to spray the front wheel knuckles with WD-ck so they don't get stuck.

Very easy-to-use

  • practical folding
  • comfortably shaped
  • quality covers
  • only the baby bassinet could be a bit wider, otherwise nothing

Very easy-to-use stroller with high quality, easy-to-maintain covers. I was very excited about this purchase. Beautiful chocolate brown color, practical car seat carrier exchange system. Perfect for the car. Definitely recommended.

Driving qualities are ok, but when the snow falls, the stroller is unusable.

For me a 10/10

  • I-Matrix 2 car seat - the safest car seat on the market, as it can be put into a fully reclined form, the child has no risk of breathing disorders
  • The car seat clips very well and quickly onto the frame of the stroller or into the car on Isofix
  • Once the baby can sit up, the car seat can be easily put into a sitting position
  • The seat unit of the stroller (from about 6 months) can also be put in the lie flat position, we sleep in it during the day. It is also large and spacious
  • The stroller sits well on any terrain, but is also great on dirt roads, shortcuts over pavement, or walking on uneven terrain
  • Wheels are sporty, cushioned design, cool walking up and down one and more (wide) sidewalks without waking up the child
  • For me a 10/10
  • The car seat could be a bit bigger, but we have a big guy at home (our baby boy)

Our stroller, we have had it since the birth of our son. The stroller is easy to steer with one hand (I used to use it with our son a lot when he was a baby).

The basket has a carrying capacity of about 4 kg, I can easily put 10 kg in it and it goes like a tank. The basket drops a bit then, so you have to be careful on curbs - but I'll give it to you just fine.

Rocks well, doesn't squeak

  • Rocks
  • Foldable
  • Lightweight
  • Can face both forward and reverse
  • Short harness belts
  • Small and low positioned basket
  • Doesn't ride well in snow - the front wheels get stuck, which I wouldn't expect from a stroller named Crosswalk
  • Lacks a ventilation mesh, so the baby is hot in there quite a bit

The stroller is great, but what I have to criticize is that the basket is small and low and what surprised me the most is that the wheels got stuck in the snow (a big minus for me). Otherwise the stroller is great, rocks well, doesn't squeak 😊

Quality materials

  • A bit higher weight

A great stroller, I am very satisfied. Easy to fold. Quality materials.

I picked and picked until I missed

  • Quality of workmanship
  • Maintenance-free wheels
  • Both bucket and lie flat positioning
  • Large hood
  • No adapters needed
  • Can be used with other cots or seat units
  • Non-shrink material
  • Imprecise fit of the wheels - solved with insertedpads
  • Easy folding
  • Harness at just one height
  • Hard to fit a footmuff

Well, I picked and picked until I missed.

First I will summarize the positives. The advantage is the unified system of attaching the parts to the construction - you don't need adapters. We had a Transporter Lite cot - without straps, a six-month-old baby with about 70 cm can fit in it. The seat unit is a hybrid - both a bucket style and a straight lie flat sleeping area. As children want. The upright seat position is not upright completely, and it is at a weird angle where my little one slides off - it can be solved with the bucket style positioning. Large hood. Quiet, maintenance-free wheels (maintenance-free in the sense that you don't get a puncture).

The folding of the stroller is however ill-considered. You can fold the seat part together with the frame, but it doesn't fit perfectly, one into the other, so we fold it separately. The belts on the seat part are NOT adjustable and the putting in of the footmuff is complicated.

Great all-terrain stroller

  • Spacious
  • Excellent wheel suspension
  • Large hood
  • Tall handle
  • Folds easily
  • Smaller storage basket

A great all-terrain stroller. I wouldn't change it.

Easy to handle and compact enough


For any terrain, easy to handle and compact enough. I would love a larger basket.

Great except for a few imperfection

  • Agile
  • Solid and massive
  • High quality covers' material
  • The leatherette-covered handle can be cleaned nicely
  • Positioning of the seat
  • Brake on the handle - perfect and quick thing
  • "Upright" sitting position seat is not quite upright
  • The basket is very small
  • The harness cannot be adjusted - the footmuff, the liner slide down
  • The bassinet lasts up to half a year

Great stroller, except for a few things that are imperfect.


  • Indestructible
  • None

The pram is reversible, usable in any terrain, spacious. Compact and modern design.

  • Seat can parent- and forward-face
  • Small basket
  • Not ok even with just a bit of snow
  • Heavy
  • The front wheels did whatever they wanted (not what I needed them to)

I was disappointed. The car seat from the 3in1 set was horrible, not comfy for my little one at all. The carrycot was OK, the seat as well, but the wheels were catastrophic. They were getting stuck or rotated wildly. I might have had a faulty piece, idk, but I wouldn't buy it again. Also, it was quite heavy.

  • suspension
  • large wheels
  • simple front wheel locking system
  • gel wheels (no punctures)
  • handbrake
  • stability
  • fully reversible, lay-flat seat unit
  • large canopy with multiple adjustment positions
  • sturdy carrycot with comfy mattress and padding and nice sun/wind coverage thanks to apron + canopy together
  • a bit heavy, which is good, since it adds stability
  • bulky after folding
  • not the best for going up and down stairs since the suspension is individual - on each wheel

Ideal for what I need. It really can handle all-terrain and off-road - even snow, stones, my plowed garden... Excellent suspension, large wheels, easy fold... and the handbrake is a godsend.

  • suspension
  • handling
  • possible adjustment of the backrest
  • washable fabrics
  • accessories
  • adjustable handlebar

I own the Jane Crosswalk 3in1 stroller system, and I am extremely satisfied. Jane produces these in just the separate - stroller version, as well as in the stroller system sets.

Crosswalk's suspension system is fantastic. It can handle even quite brutal conditions easily - even with one hand - or 3 fingers! Awesome solid big wheels. Carrycot is spacious, featuring ventilation and backrest incline adjustment. The seat unit can be clicked on facing you or facing the world. Many backrest positions are available.

We are using it for our second child already, and it still looks like new. Everything is fully washable. Personally, I would not choose any other model even now. No problems with servicing it, and whatever accessories you need - the sibling board, a footmuff... Jane offers it - and really well-made. One more advantage - the handlebar can also be positioned (3 positions), which is ideal for taller parents.

Good luck when choosing yours.

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