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It is praised by people

  • Manipulation
  • Handle height adjustment in several positions
  • Wheel locking
  • Spacious bassinet
  • Spacious storage compartment under the pram with magnets, which can be enlarged once
  • Very nice looking stroller bag with magnet closure
  • Stroller accessories
  • When you open the canopy so that it does not shine into the pram, only the mesh remains in the head area. For sultry days it's great because the baby has ventilation there, but on cooler sunny days the baby will be cold if the canopy is pulled open

I am very satisfied with the pram! It is praised by people as far as the appearance is concerned :-)

People praise it very much


The best stroller for us :) I wouldn't change it. People praise it very much in terms of appearance :)

Both front wheels broke

  • Looks good
  • Wheels broke
  • Squeaky frame
  • Will not get a reply from Invictus to repair

Both front wheels broke.

After just a year, the front wheels have both broken

  • Easy to lay the pushchair back
  • Front wheels have both broken

Absolutely loved my travel system when we first bought it, however, after just a year, the front wheels have both broken. I have sent several emails to Invictus and the shop I purchased it from, and I have been ignored on each occasion. The pram isn’t worth the hassle. Personally I wouldn’t buy another Invictus travel system or use the shop I purchased it from.

  • Good height, protects from the cold
  • So the front wheels are awful! The right one sometimes doesn’t move just floats in the air! (not enough weight in the front to hold the wheels down)
  • I’m constantly getting frustrated with the way the front wheels get stuck and won’t turn easily!
  • And the lay down cot/pram part you can’t really have the front open so you can see baby’s face it has nothing to hold it down it’s like you’ve always got to have the flappy window but on and up (though my baby hates it) or you have a bit of material just freely laying on the pram...

Looks very modern. Suspension seems very good

The chassis squeaks

  • Steering
  • Look
  • The frame squeaks badly after a few months
  • The brake doesn't work every time

Looks so elegant and steers very nicely. It feels like gliding over bumps. Just the chassis squeaks after a few months 😩

Easy to push, stable

  • stable
  • large wheels
  • protective carrycot
  • brake design
  • basket
  • the front wheel locking doesn't work well - it locks sometimes by itself or doesn't work at all
  • the pram is on the heavy side
  • seat seems smaller

I've used the pram for 6 months (with the carrycot). It feels easy to push, securely attached to the frame, and stable. The carrycot is protective, good even fr winter or strong wind. I also like the basket, and the folding is reasonably easy. The brake is nice to use and flip-flop friendly, and the handle is height adjustable. Just the front wheels' lock doesn't work well, it is probably damaged inside. And the pram seems a bit heavy.


  • Defective!

The suspension broke multiple times. Also, the brake. Beware.

Everything seems to be falling apart


Not recommended. I liked how it drives and that it looks so nice, and the closable basket - but everything seems to be falling apart. The wheels make this weird cracking noise, they lock by themselves OR rotate like crazy on a normal sidewalk, and the carrycot is hot inside very quickly. The frame was repaired already and it's effective again. Bad quality.

I am not using it yet - but being tried out at home multiple times, it seems really great.

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