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dmired by passers-by on every walk

  • maximum safety for the baby
  • spacious
  • rocking
  • can carry really big and heavy purchases

The stroller of my heart ❤️, just beautiful 😍🤩 Admired by passers-by on every walk. 😊

It was perfect in winter

  • Wonderful
  • Smells beautifully
  • Luxury
  • Big wheels go through the snow
  • Keeps out the frost and cold
  • The curtains shield against the wind
  • Heavier
  • Pricier
  • Seat unit is not included

My dream pram. It was perfect in winter. In the spring my son stopped enjoying it. He cried so much that we stopped using the stroller. Our sidewalks were unmaintained and the baby's head was flying from side to side. I wore it in a baby wrap for a while and then carried a Roan car seat on the chassis for a few months.

We adore the pram

  • beautiful design
  • quality design
  • spacious
  • comfortable
  • noisy - rattles on broken roads
  • it's not compact - difficult to travel with, takes up a lot of space in the car and is impractical to fold

We adore the pram. It is beautiful, you can't miss it on the street, and also very comfortable and spacious for the baby.

Suitable for all weather conditions

  • Wonderful details
  • Great
  • Beautiful
  • Simply a classic
  • A bit higher price, but it is matching the quality

A beautiful, elegant pram of high quality - we have used it ourselves. It is spacious and stable. The large wheels guarantee that the baby is safe. Suitable for all weather conditions. I was very satisfied with it - I can only recommend it. We had a 3 in 1 combination. If I were to buy a stroller again, it would definitely be INGLESINA.

  • the pram is just great
  • the wheels are not exactly silent when walking on a standard sidewalk

A great pram. Large carrycot, wheels can get through anything. High quality, and a rocking suspension system.

This is the best pram for me - not only beautiful and really eye-catching, but also practical and big. We used it for 11 months, and both bassinet and seat unit were excellent. Highly satisfied with it.

A BEAUTIFUL pram 😍 We only used the carrycot, and it was huge space-wise. My little one could fit inside - even with a footmuff - in her 9 months.

Cannot be missed on the street

  • Beautiful
  • Large
  • None 😉

Wonderful - and cannot be missed on the street... 😀

Unmissable and very elegant


Large, spacious, rocking. Unmissable and very elegant.

A very nice pram/travel system

  • beautiful
  • spacious - my little one enjoyed sleeping in it
  • It was bothering me that the iron basket underneath was rattling on pavement - it's not as quiet as modern strollers

To me, this was a very nice pram/travel system. The car seat is also spacious enough, and we used it almost up to 1 year.

The best stroller for me

  • large, spacious bassinet that is very comfortable for the baby
  • size of the wheels allows easy manipulation in any terrain, even in snow
  • easy removal of individual parts from the chassis
  • suspension
  • spacious
  • nice design

The best stroller for me. I would never change it for something else!

The best pram I ever had

  • Large carrycot
  • The best pram imo
  • Noisier than other prams

10 out of 10. This is the best pram I ever had.

10 out of 10

  • large carrycot
  • easy to push - even in snow
  • compact and easy to carry in a car

I would rate it 10 out of 10 🙂

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