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All user reviews of Ickle Bubba Aston Rose

5 parent reviews

Wouldn’t buy again

  • Looks nice - that’s about it
  • The whole buggy in its self is very bulky, hard to put down and hard to fit in regular car boot as so bulky
  • Hard to take basket off and the hood comes off easily and constantly having to search again
  • Over all I feel I’ve wasted nearly £600

Wouldn’t buy again.

  • Looks more expensive than it is
  • Feels sturdy
  • Very bulky when folded
  • Heavy when folded

This stroller looks the part and is a good option for a full travel system on a budget, however, I wish I’d gone for something more lightweight.

The chassis takes up the full boot of my small car, which makes it difficult if going shopping, and I find it really heavy and awkward to lift into the boot space. After having a C- Section this was really difficult on my first few trips out with my baby.

A beautiful-looking model. I found it a bit rattling over harsher terrain, but nothing terrible. I also am not fond of the folding system - the chassis seems large/long, and also, it's not smooth at all. The low-placed handbrake and handlebar adjustment clips are a bit unnerving. On the other hand, the carrycot is spacious, the golden accents look luxurious, and the price with the accessories is actually nice.

  • canopy
  • spacious bassinet
  • beautiful details and accessories
  • closable/extendable basket
  • rubber wheels with no gravel inside
  • there is some suspension
  • accessories in the 10in1 set
  • good value for money
  • not the smallest when folded, it takes up all my boot - but it's not a very big car
  • it can be a bit noisy on small stones and bumps
  • the plastics don't seem to be that high of a quality

Very nice value for money, when you're looking for a luxury pram/pushchair but don't want to invest thousands.

It looks better than it actually is

  • Looks
  • Accessories
  • Folding
  • Bulkiness

It looks better than it actually is.

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