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great as a city stroller or mall stroller

  • light
  • compact

Very lightweight, compact stroller. Not great for off-road, but great as a city stroller or mall stroller.

Walking on rough pavement was agony

  • Ultralight
  • Small
  • Compact
  • Unusable for terrain other than smooth pavement or shopping mall

Stroller usable ONLY around shops. I only used it for two months when our elevator didn't work, and I had to carry it up two flights of stairs. Walking on rough pavement was agony. Otherwise, good for the mall. 😊

  • Small
  • Lightweight
  • Narrow
  • Great to store (even in small cars)
  • Shopping basket size
  • Quick unfolding
  • Multiple leg rest positions
  • Strap system of the backrest allows for many possible angles
  • Fabrics
  • No rattling, even if the wheels are plastic
  • Nice-to-touch foam handlebar
  • Surprisingly good ride over grass terrain
  • Short sleeping surface - only 68 cm. Better for 6-8mo to nap on; older toddlers, not so much
  • Less padding on the seat
  • Difficult basket access when in the reclined position (which is a problem with many buggies)
  • On slippery, smooth surfaces (like in buildings), the front wheels don't want to turn
  • Difficult to push with one hand
  • Difficult to lift the brake to release it

A handy buggy.

It solved many things for me. It's tiny, handy, lightweight - ideal for mums that live in an apartment building, and there are stairs everywhere. This is so easy to carry up and down. It's so compact that even our three-door car with almost no boot takes it in without fuss. The unfolding is very quick. Our little one likes to nap in it - and I am rather happy to be pushing it.

If you are, however, expecting something luxurious, you will be disappointed. It's a simple urban alternative - or a solution for a small car. We use it mostly for napping and quick strolls around our place, or even as a chair for our son when we sin on the terrace.

Even with those small wheels, it is easy to go up and down even quite high curbs. It is not very suitable for really bad pavements, but we tackled even bad terrain with it (noticing how many pavements need repairs around us. The buggy made me happy, because it's just so handy, mainly for smaller babies - because of the sleeping in it. The surface of only 68 cm is ok for older children just to sit on. We bought a separate seat insert to make it softer, since it's rather hard, not that much padded.

Overall, it is more suitable for shorter mums - I am tall, and I still was ok with pushing it, but sometimes I kicked the brake (but this happened to me even with our robust pram before). We mainly used it on warmer days. And my rating is quite positive - because my boy likes to be in it.

I was happy to get rid of it

  • lightweight
  • easy to store
  • always slightly turning to the right
  • small wheels
  • stupid rear axle with a central bar which the parent always kicks

I was happy to get rid of it πŸ™‚

The worst stroller I had in my hands

  • Price
  • Single handlebar
  • Compactness
  • Small wheels
  • Difficult manipulation
  • Handlebar too close to the stroller
  • Terrible over all

The worst stroller I had in my hands. Small wheels; handlebar too close to the stroller, so the parent constantly kicks the rear bar... Truly a stroller for the worst of emergencies.

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