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Daydream says:
"I would choose this Hauck almost any day to the Joolz Hub Plus"
and gives the Hauck Rapid 4D Air

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  • Air filled tyres on the back
  • Really large seating space
  • Really big gap between end of seat and canopy which makes it usable for years and particularly for taller toddlers
  • Compact, quick fold
  • Light (10.5kg)
  • Super generous canopy with peekaboo, out of a tough polyester that stands wind, rain, winter minus temperatures
  • actually a suprisingly sturdy buggy for this price
  • the padding is not great, definitely requires an extra inlay to be bought
  • if you are really tall you will trip all the time on the brake mechanism (not actuvating it but still annoying)
  • break is fiddly and also not flipflop friendly

Our top pick for toddlers, especially taller ones. We are coming from expensive and well rated Joolz Hub Plus and Thule Sleek, as well as a TFK Dot 2. I would choose this Hauck almost any day to the Joolz Hub Plus.

Only three examples: the canopy on the Hub is a joke compared to the one on the Hauck, whereas the seat space on the Joolz is made for tiny babies and tiny toddlers up until 2 years max. The fold is 5 seconds on the Hauck, 35 seconds with practice on the Hub Plus.

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