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  • Suitable from birth to 3-4 yrs old (Comfortable to sleep horizontally still at a height of 95 cm)
  • Rear facing!
  • Lightweight and small
  • Horizontal sleeping position
  • Sturdy
  • Very fair price tag
  • Large canopy
  • Large free space between basket and seat unit allowing to place bulky (fairly light items) like a backpack there
  • Little suspension so for newborn not ideal on uneven terrain
  • At a child s weight of 14 Kg plus basket full with groceries it has trouble handling steps/wholes in the sidewalk

I love the Hauck colibri as it is adapted to train travel (lightweight, small)/stairs/ fits in every trunk while still allowing my child to sit rear facing which she still adores at 3 year old. I cannot support the wobbly/not sturdy part of some other reviews. Of course, it has little suspension, and to pass a higher step on a sidewalk with a heavier child, you need to grab the front wheels. BUT we've taken it on grass, in some 3cm slush/snow, good forest roads, ferries and packed the basket with way more than 3 kg (foldable car seat/backpack/2.5yr old climbing inside) and it has held up for almost 2 years now. One screw loosened and it didn't fold properly anymore but retightening the screw and it works like a charm again. For me, especially for the price tag it is unbeatable.

  • Lovely looking
  • World or parent facing which I absolutely loved
  • Can put car seat on if you need
  • Good size basket
  • I returned mine as it wasn’t very sturdy, I wouldn’t feel like it would hold up very well on any sort of bumpy terrain even walking pavements to town
  • It wouldn’t last very long for the child, my small 3 month old fit in it excellently but I can’t see a 1 year old feeling the same
  • I also wouldn’t chance it with the weight as even though it says it’s okay, it really didn’t feel robust enough

Not sturdy.

  • price
  • modern design
  • low weight
  • compact folding
  • small wheels
  • small seat
  • cup holder on the outside
  • loose frame
  • shallow basket
  • short canopy

Small and compact, but very simple and cheaper feeling. I mean, if you need a reversible pushchair and something for a tiny boot for not too much money, OK. But you'll feel the frame loosen up the more you go over bumps, and the small wheels get stuck in potholes.

I quite detest the cup holder which I bump into everything - such a shame it's protruding outside.

The last niggle of mine would be the short, small seat. It will last up to about 18 months of the child, so no way to put a 25 kg child inside.

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