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  • It does not have leg positioning, but it is possible to have it made

Lightweight, easily foldable and maneuverable.

  • light
  • compact
  • design
  • easy to use
  • handles uneven ground
  • small basket

Greentom is our favourite and we can't let it go. I am very happy with it and if we ever buy another stroller, it will be from Greentom.

It is lightweight, easy to fold. Easy one-handed, just watch your fingers. It's beautifully foldable, design-wise it's unmissable. The covers are removable and washable, and they wipe down pretty well, so you don't have to keep washing. The handle is also great, it's very easy to take off and put on. The stroller is spacious even for a bigger baby. The only thing is that the brake scrubs here and there if you don't "unlatch" it enough.

The wheels are rubber, they can easily handle smaller to medium bumps. I'd say more capable than other would-be "off-road" chassis from competing brands. It's a shame about the small storage space in the basket under the stroller, but it probably couldn't have been done better by design.

Satisfaction for our family and 4.5 to 5 * out of 5

Very good

  • light
  • foldable
  • easy to steer
  • beautiful design
  • eco-friendly
  • the brake occasionally malfunctions, it needs to be cleaned regularly
  • somebody from my family tipped it over, when in lay-flat position, never me, but still it should be pointed out

A very good pushchair. Light, spacious, quiet ride, low price, beautiful design.

Lightweight and easy to handle

  • lightweight
  • quiet
  • spacious
  • handy
  • eco-friendly - the greenest stroller on the planet
  • in beautiful colours
  • easy one-handed operation
  • small basket, but this can be compensated for by buying a shopping bag
  • no leg positioning

Amazing - lightweight and easy to handle. Spacious yet nimble stroller, comes in gorgeous colours. All versions can be clicked onto one frame (carry cot, Reversible and Classic seat). We didn't have a better one, so we stuck with it.

It fulfilled all of our needs

  • very lightweight
  • canopy with a sun visor
  • fits a small car boot
  • reclines quite deeply
  • spacious
  • many fabric colors to choose from + 3 frame colors to combine it with
  • \green\" - completely recycled"
  • lifetime guarantee
  • the leg rest is not adjustable - you can help yourself and have it made, so it's only a minor problem
  • some could have a problem with a smaller basket -> you can buy the optional shopping bag, but it will cost you

It's clear to me that each of us uses a stroller in different ways, and therefore, each of us expects something different from it. The Greentom Upp Classic stroller fulfilled all of our needs, + I also like the look as well as the idea of being recycled. The stroller is an urban type - so I wouldn't take it to very difficult terrain. I haven't used it in winter, but from what I heard, snow shouldn't be a problem. In our country, winters are not too generous snow-wise.

I am completely happy with it 😀 My favorite stroller since my son was little. Now we have the 2017 version and again totally satisfied.

A great buggy


A great buggy, I was absolutely pleased to have it 😊

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