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The wheels rattle a bit too much


The wheels rattle a bit too much.

Never again

  • Design
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Small basket
  • Brake on the handle
  • Short canopy
  • Small bassinet
  • Small sports section
  • Bucket seat with no other seating style adjustment
  • Seat is very narrow

It was my first stroller and never again.

  • Light
  • Nice to fold
  • Uncomfortable seat version
  • Small basket
  • Must be broken down into parts before folding

The bassinet is great. The worse thing is folding the seat unit setup - it has to be disassembled. Sloping seat is less comfortable for an older child when he or she wants to lie on the side - unfortunately it is not possible. Otherwise lightweight. Satisfaction also with the car seat.

Kocikovanie je relax

  • Very light
  • Pushing it is a relaxation
  • Handle can be flipped
  • Loose brake, it quickly broke down
  • Small storage space

Light, easy to steer. Pushing it is a kind of relax. And it has a reversing handle.

  • Reversible handle
  • Lightweight
  • Good to ride, it's more of an off-roader, seems noisier on a straight road
  • Small basket
  • It seems to me a smaller carycot, but for my little one it is enough

We didn't mind the rattling at all even with our first daughter when we bought a new pushchair. Now after 8 years I just bought a carrycot and all's great. A disadvantage - the small basket, but I always have a backpack or a bag on my arm, we don't go far... The reversible handle is 100% a thing 👌

  • Reversible handle
  • Short canopy
  • Practically no basket
  • Noisy

It was so noisy, everyone around us could hear us. The basket is so small you can fit nothing in it, so there's practically no basket at all.

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