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Not bad for car transporting

  • large storage basket
  • tray for the child
  • small seat
  • heavier

I was very pleased with the tray and the large storage basket. However, the stroller has rather rattly wheels and when my 2 year old (80 cm) couldn't fit his knees in there properly, so it probably wasn't big. The stroller folded well but was quite heavy. The design was nice. Not bad for car transporting.

  • large basket underneath
  • great tray for baby, with 3 compartments
  • adjustable legs and backrest up to a lie flat
  • big enough for a 2-3 year old baby (when lying down, the legs are not hanging)
  • parent's tray with clock and thermometer

Superb stroller, I was very happy with it. I used it with 3 children, with 2 even from birth. I really appreciated the newborn pad, which was portable, so I prepared the baby completely and just transferred it to the stroller. It was also very easy to put a car seat on it and when the baby fell asleep in it, I just transferred it to the car.

The covers could be completely dismantled and washed. The sun visor could be folded down and adjusted so that the sun didn't shine in the eyes.

Foldable very easily with one hand and compact for the car.

We were very happy with it in 2012

  • Cup holder
  • Very cool belly bar with drink and food holder for baby
  • Large shopping basket
  • No rocking
  • The wheels fell apart

We were very happy with it in 2012. We had a burgundy - kind of retro.

Just the wheels were very rattly

  • Spacious
  • With a tray to play on
  • Large basket
  • Wheels

I owned it in 2012. It was nice and spacious, with a very roomy basket, and the tray was awesome, my child was often playing on it. Just the wheels were very rattly.

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