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All user reviews of Firkon Verano LX

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For me, heavy and, compared to my other strollers, difficult to separate the bassinet from the frame. Plus it got pretty "shaky" after 1 child, but it was an older type so maybe they've improved.

  • spacious deep bassinet
  • sprung rear wheels
  • bad brake
  • small hood on the seat, it's more for decoration
  • basket with snap buttons
  • heavy pushchair
  • impractical stroller bag

The deep bassinet is awesome, spacious, but with the seat unit it was crazy, and the pushchair setup is pretty heavy. The brake was not usable at all, it was impractical; the basket with the push-buttons also sucks, you put one thing in there and with a minor jerk makes the basket pop out.

  • Spacious carrycot
  • Sturdy body of the carrycot
  • Inflatable wheels
  • Good suspension
  • Can be folded with the seat in both directions, and even with the carrycot and car seat seat
  • Spacious basket
  • Large weight, which will become apparent especially with an older child and the transition to the pushchair
  • With a seat, the handling is already worse
  • Takes up a lot of space even when folded
  • Short hood on the seat

An average classic-feel pram. Carrycot was fine, spacious, it did not blow in. It fits even a six-month-old baby with a footmuff comfortably in winter.

You just have to take into account that it takes up a significant amount of space in the trunk of the car even in a combi, and the overall weight of the stroller is higher.

With the seat and the change in the centre of gravity, the stroller is much harder to handle and overall it looks bulky. The inflatable wheels are fine - we've never had a puncture, and the suspension is sufficient too.

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