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I recommend it to undemanding moms

  • the backrest reclines almost flat
  • easy handling
  • the handle cannot be adjusted
  • small basket
  • hard to reach basket, when the backrest is lying down, you just can't get in

Light, compact, inexpensive. I recommend it to undemanding moms.

A more practical and spacious buggy

  • Suitable for plane travel
  • Easy folding
  • Easy unfolding
  • Compact
  • Removable belly bar
  • Fits a footmuff
  • Easy handling
  • Large hood with a window
  • The baby can easily climb into the stroller by itself
  • Fits in a small car boot
  • Small basket
  • The cover cannot be washed in the washing machine, it is necessary to buy a liner
  • Necessary to buy a mommy bag
  • The handle will wear out over time (insulation helped)

I would call it a more practical and spacious buggy.

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