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  • Possibility of rocking
  • Great handling
  • Modern design

Total satisfaction. The stroller has an absolutely great design, but retains amazing functionality. For me, the biggest advantage is definitely the ease of folding and unfolding and putting on the bassinet or seat unit.

And in the ride, I like the ease of handling, the ability to lock the front wheels and the absolutely easy to use tilting brake. Another advantage is the height-adjustable handle and the mosquito net built into the bassinet, also the possibility of positioning the bassinet back rest and the ventilation vents underneath.

It is by far the best stroller

  • The canopy is so variable on both parts of the system that you don't need a sunshade - very practical
  • Goes very easily, as if sitting well on the road
  • Suitable for extreme terrain - I live in a small village where there are terrible sidewalks
  • It has a handle that you can comfortably move the carry cot with when the baby falls asleep, and you can put the cot on the couch
  • The carry cot can be put onto the cot stand. After a walk you can put the sleeping baby in the pram on the stand - extremely practical
  • The seat unit can be put on both in the direction of travel and against the direction of travel
  • Apron is insulated
  • Mosquito net in the hood from the inside, in the zipper
  • Waterproof covers, beads of water run down the stroller when it's raining
  • Large basket that can handle larger purchases and can be zipped up - you won't get things mixed up
  • The stroller is cushioned and can be rocked

It's my third stroller, I have two kids. It is by far the best stroller with a lot of gadgets, and especially practical.

Rides beautifully

  • light
  • rides beautifully
  • reversible parts
  • front wheels rattle on uneven surfaces (supposedly already solved in new series )

The stroller has already been used with our first daughter and now it will be prepared for the second baby. We are very satisfied with it.

I have never seen a better pram


I have never seen a better pram. Amazingly practical and great for terrain.

  • A big carrycot that lasts
  • Excellent and comfortable
  • Wheels can handle anything
  • Great extendable canopy on both carrycot and seat
  • Large basket
  • Ventilation nets
  • Everything adjustable as you please
  • A lot of accessories
  • You need to try to make the frame fold at times

Although it is a Polish model, I am really very happy and satisfied. My little one was in the carrycot until almost a year old and fit just fine. The pushchair reverses forward and parent-facing, nice and easy.

  • Very easy to drive
  • Compact enough
  • A lot of accessories included
  • The folding gets stuck sometimes

For me, a very good pram even for really bad terrain.

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